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Brother Andrew believed all those who follow Jesus can change the world. Through their presence. And through their passion.

That's how he lived his life. And God used him in amazing ways. Whether it was through his teaching, preaching, books or friendship, Brother Andrew's legacy is powerful.

That's why we’d like to give you the opportunity to share with others how God used Brother Andrew to inspire or challenge your faith.

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Memories others are sharing

Brother Andrew, whose life has

Brother Andrew, whose life has been an inspiration, has taught me and embodies the call of God which says, “He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you But to do justly, To love mercy, And to walk humbly with your God?”. Brother Andrew’s faith to go in simple obedience to demonstrate care and love for our brothers and sisters has stirred a care within me to care for those whom no one else sees. His simple determination to pray and expect God to show up is an encouragement as I seek to walk out faith in God.
Further, he has been a special inspiration to my dad who came to the Lord in his latter years but who was stirred by Brother Andrew’s adventures and who wanted others to also be aware of, is also very precious. To know that there are authentic disciples whose faith impacts people like my dad im such a way has been a genuine blessing to me.
Thank you Lord for our dear Brother’ example, and the ripple effect of his obedience. May Open Doors remain true to the seed which you deposited through the founder of this mission.

Sashi Sehgak

I was inspired to commit

I was inspired to commit to the Lord to contribute funds to provide bibles in the 1980s and have continued to the present whenever I can. I was educated about the plight of persecuted Christians and able to share that information in my community of Richmond VA where Open Doors held dinners and spoke re their activities. I was mentored by Bro Andrew and others at Open Doors International Prayer Conferences in the USA in 1989, 1992, and 1995. I travelled to the Middle East with Open Doors in 1997 and visited many ministries we support. I have utilized countless books, tapes and VCRs of Open Doors which has obviously impacted my Christian walk and prayer life deeply. I join you in celebrating the life of such a great saint and servant of God.

Alfreda Gaston

I am reading about this

I am reading about this general of faith for the first time but am not only already inspired but utterly challenged on reaching out to those under the yoke of oppression because of their faith.
Where He sends me I will go and be very ready to pay the ultimate price because of the faith of Jesus Christ our Lord Savior and Redeemer.

John Mbothu Njenga

I first read God’s Smuggler

I first read God’s Smuggler back in the 1990’s, and was blessed by Andrew’s account of his childhood faith and family involvement in the church, and then his later rebellion. I also strayed during my youth, but God brought me back in to the fold, and I am eternally thankful. I was so encouraged by the simple (yet profound) faith that Andrew and his family and co-laborers lived by. It has challenged me to truly believe that God will answer when we cry out to Him, and that if He has a work for you to do, He will equip you for it. I have become more aware of the needs of the persecuted church over the last decade, both through Open Doors and Voice of the Martyrs, and the accounts of what brothers and sisters in the faith must go through in other parts of the world is convicting and humbling. May the Church in America and Europe be revived and rise up to carry out the Great Commission in this hour of great need, and may those of us who have so much of liberty and material prosperity be GENEROUS. Thank you, Dear Lord God, for Brother Andrew’s service and example. I hope I’ll be able to meet him in Heaven one day. (and just a personal opinion, I believe that one of the reasons we’ll have eternity besides worshiping the Lord and seeing Him face to face is so that we can meet all the brothers and sisters that we would never be able to in this life!) Maranatha.

Judy Jamison

I got saved in 1974,

I got saved in 1974, and the first book I read after I became a Christian was “God’s Smuggler,” by Brother Andrew. That book (and Brother Andrew!) really challenged me to seek God for my life. Because of reading it, I became involved in praying for Christians in “closed” countries, sending Bibles overseas and donating money as I was able. Finally — more than I could ever have even dreamed to ask God — I was able to participate as a group leader to go with 3 other believers to one of these countries, taking money and items to the Christians there. What a faith building adventure!! I saw God move, and upon returning home I learned even more what God did through us on that trip!! Now my dream is to go once again, to whatever country I can, once again sharing the love of God with believers who face real persecution as they live their lives for the only true God!!


Rev. Dee Lower

I felt that I needed

I felt that I needed to start praying for the people in the various countries that they would stay strong in their faith and do what God had called them to do. Brother Andrew’s story got me excited to see what God could and would do in these countries. Thank you for creating this ministry.

Liza Quinlan

I just want to give

I just want to give thanks to God for this ministry, and for Brother Andrew’s service over the years.

Regena Anderson

My Aunt, who was my

My Aunt, who was my godmother, gave me a copy of “God’s Smuggler” in 1979, when I got saved. After I read it, I gave it to the guy who had witnessed to me, whose name was also Andrew.

Then, on July 1, 2006, some friends and I went to the World-wide/International “Deliverance At Hand” District Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses at the University of Florida football stadium in Gainesville, where the 3-day Conference was being held, so that we could hand out gospel tracts to the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

One Pastor that went with us was kicked out after passing out gospel literature. Then, JW security came and escorted him all the way back to his car. One JW walked behind the Pastor, yelling to everyone, “Don’t take any literature from this man! He is handing out apostate literature!”

I started putting flyers on cars that were parked outside the stadium in the huge JW section, watching out of the corner of my eye as JWs would either walk by or drive by in their cars. Every man there wore a suit and tie, or a long-sleeve white shirt and tie, and every woman was dressed up. Many of the men wore name-tags that had the name of the Conference on them. We thought there would be a lot of non-JWs there, attending out of curiosity, since the JWs had gone door-to-door in all the surrounding cities and handed out flyers that advertised the Conference. But every man there had short, neatly-cut hair and wore a tie. Some of them carried briefcases, while others pulled those little wheeled carts that you see people pull behind them at airports. As I was putting gospel flyers on cars, I noticed that just about every single car had a copy of “Watchtower” magazine on the far left corner of their dashboard, on the driver’s side. My guess is that they were told to put those there for ID purposes.

As I was putting flyers on cars, more and more JWs began looking at me funny. Remembering Brother Andrew’s famous prayer (“Lord, You made blind eyes see; now make seeing eyes blind”), the entire time I was praying, “Lord, blind the eyes of those who would stop us.”

I also prayed, “Lord, please protect us; let your angels surround me,” and, “Lord, don’t let your Word return void; please prepare the hearts of those receiving this literature, and open their blind eyes to the Truth, and let them be open to reading these.”

Then, another one of our group got thrown out of the parking lot.

After that, more Jehovah’s Witness security began to come out and walk through the parking lots to patrol and look for anyone else that might be handing out prohibited literature. I noticed two men in white shirts and ties, one or two rows over, standing side-by-side, staring at me and watching me like hawks as I went from car to car. I tried to look and act like I wasn’t doing anything wrong, and I casually walked over to the next row of cars in the direction away from them, and began putting flyers on those cars. I continued to pray that the Lord would blind the eyes of those who would stop us. I began to see more JWs watching me closely, and looking at me very suspiciously. JWs are specifically told that they are not allowed to receive any literature except official Watchtower literature, and they were specifically told that no literature was allowed to be distributed by any attendee of the Conference.

It was amazing to me that, even though Jehovah’s Witnesses clearly saw me placing gospel flyers on cars, and even though some of our group had already been forcefully escorted out, and even though the JWs were on high alert and were out looking for more people who were passing out literature, none of them stopped me! It was as if they truly were blind to what I was doing. A couple of them even said “Hi” to me as I was placing gospel flyers on cars! And I am convinced it was at least partly because of that Brother Andrew-inspired prayer.

I know that many people say that gospel tracts are a waste of time because people just throw them away, especially those placed on car windows, and especially on JW cars at a JW Convention, but we prayed that the Lord would work through those gospel flyers, and that JWs would read them with an open mind, and that their spiritually-blinded eyes would be opened, and that they would receive the truth of who Jesus Christ really is. Even if just one single person got saved as a result, that would make it worth it.

One thing that really affected me was that, when we first arrived and were looking for a parking space, we saw lines of cars backed up for blocks, waiting to get into the parking areas. I had expected to see maybe 100-200 people there, but I was shocked. Entire streets were closed off for this Convention. People in ties were holding signs that said, “JW Parking.” They had people directing where to park. There were droves of people walking to the Convention for several blocks or more. This reminded me of a huge county fair or something. There were thousands of JW’s there.

I see people every day, and I’ve seen many crowds before—and I know, in a general sense, that most of the people in the world, as well as many of the people you meet every day, are on their way to Hell. But you usually don’t know, when you meet people in stores or on the street, or when you see crowds of people, who might be saved and who is lost. However, this was different. By their dress, every single person going to that Conference was very obviously already a Jehovah’s Witness. Therefore, every single person at that Conference, that we saw, was following damnable heresy that was wrought by Satan, and was on their way to eternal damnation. And there were thousands of people going into the Convention. It hit me hard that all these people, who were going to be further deceived by more lies and devilish deceptions, were like herds of cattle going over a cliff…in this case, into everlasting destruction. I have never before in my entire life seen such a graphic, physical picture of so many people who were definitely, without a doubt, headed for the Lake of Fire…the eternally-burning garbage pit of Gehenna. This was heartbreaking, and it seemed even worse when I thought about all the Christians in the U.S. who focus on their own healing or their own prosperity and wealth, while people all around them are dropping into the fires of Hell every day, where they will be for all eternity. I was convicted. This was powerful, convincing evidence that every single one of us who are born-again Christians should be about the business of soul-winning and telling others about Jesus. The fields are white unto harvest, but the laborers are pitifully few and scarce.


I was given God’s Smuggler

I was given God’s Smuggler book in the early 1970’s when I was in high school. Even having grown up in a church, I never understood that the Bible was relevant to my daily life. After reading about the miracles God did for Brother Andrew, I committed my life to Christ during that time. I met my wife in college at a Bible Study and now 43 years later, we have been involved in helping plant 4 churches, raised 5 children, and have 13 grandchildren. Brother Andrew’s life and faith has been a life-long inspiration. Thank you.

Tom Grove

In 1969, I was scheduled

In 1969, I was scheduled for open heart surgery, and I bought Bro. Andrew’s book, God’s Smuggler, to the hospital. I read a good portion of it before bed, which was amazing and built up my faith. At 10 pm, I turned off the light and fell asleep, with no fear of the surgery. This book had left me with a great peace in my heart that God was in control, because of the many miracles I had just read. At 10:30, the nurse came in, woke me up and said she forgot to give me a sleeping pill:-) I told her I was asleep and had no fear, because I knew God was in control.

Praise God for Bro. Andrew’s faithfulness to God’s call to smuggle and share the Bible with those who did not have the Living Word! There must have been a great celebration in heaven when he arrived.

Linda Kvasnica

My mother introduced me to

My mother introduced me to Brother Andrew by giving me the book, “God’s Smuggler”. She’s gone on to be with her Lord 29 years ago. I praise God for the Open Doors ministry. We have follwed and supported Open Doors since the 1970s. I loved it when they had the dinners and we could invite people to come and learn about the ministry. I remember once when we traveled about 50 miles and our car broke down on the way home. One of the couriers we heard speak at one of these events was from Australia. Great story about a lady with a cat ahead of him getting him through customs with his cargo. I loved to hear Bro. Andrew speak and used to get his prayer tapes. He was a hero of the faith and like Jesus, he loved everyone and shared the gospel at every opportunity. I miss knowing he’s still with us, but pray and hope I will get to meet him in heaven some day. Thanks for letting me share. May God continue to bless this ministry and may it always stay true to theprinciples it was founded upon.

Shirley Arn

I want to thank God

I want to thank God what he did through his dedicated servant, Brother Andrew.I got saved in the hippie Jesus movement revival in 1970 in NorCal.I read God’s Smuggler and was amazed & excited to see how God protected Andrew from so many dangers and jail & all the Bible’s he smuggled.It inspired me to do some missions trips later in my life.I went to India in 2000 for 10 days with an Indian American friend and his two sons to the Kerala region.I got to witness to a bunch of his Hindu friends and relatives.I went again in 2003 for 10 days with my San Francisco Vineyard Pastor and got to speak a little at a Bible School graduation of some 1,200 students where my Pastor was the main speaker.I have been giving to help people get Bibles across the world.I appreciate your ministry and level of commitment to the persecuted church.I pray for those in jail as in Hebrews 13:3 God bless.

Carl Ruge

Thank you Brother Andrew for

Thank you Brother Andrew for your courage to take the Gospel to everyone

Neal Beckenstein

The story of my Faith

The story of my Faith in JESUS the Christ is not complete and my Passion for Christians in other climate has been Encouraged and strengthened when I first read the BOOK “GOD’S SMUGGLER,as an undergraduate and a member of the intervasity Christian fellowship the Nigerian version of IVCF,this book was next to my Bible,Bro ANDREW and Richard WUMBRAMD (Turtured for Christ) became my Dear heroes of faith and Helped in my passion for MISSIONS AND WORLD EVANGELISM.
The day I STUMBLED UPON OPEN DOORS MINISTRY was a turning point in my life and I got to know Our dear Bro ANDREW started it ‘i joined without thinking twice and now almost 6years am a PRAYING partner,.

Helen Essien

Probably more than any other

Probably more than any other ministry I’ve been involved with over many years, Brother Andrew’s Open Doors is the one that has taught me how to pray for others, the ministry that opened my eyes to the suffering and needs of believers around the world. Brother Andrew’s courage and commitment to bringing God’s Word to those who had no access to it then, and Open Doors’ continued faithful support of persecuted believers now, should inspire each of us to inform others of this vital need. Praying for these courageous Christians and all who strive to sustain and encourage them reminds us of our calling in Jesus – to love one another as He has loved us.


I read God’s Smuggler years

I read God’s Smuggler years ago and was so moved, I immediately contacted Open Doors to become a donor. It is the only time in my life I’ve I pursued an organization to give money. Good has richly blessed Brother Andrew and his ministry and now he has his reward. You are missed, Brother Andrew! 🥰😔

Evelyn Rae

I read a book about

I read a book about his courage and inspired me to become an intercessor for Open Doors and Voice of the Martyrs of Bartlesville,Okl founded by Richard Wurmbrand.I have been SEverly persecuted by my family here in USA for my faith in christ.i am 76 in two months and asking God to establish stabilityfor me.
my business assets were embezzled by family.I was homeless for many years.i would appreciate prayer and email to recieve news of the current work of open doors you have a prayer line..???? One can call by phone or email prayer needs.

Patricia stuckenberg

When I was in college

When I was in college some of my bestfriends became christians. I was on the fence about it. One of my friends gave me a copy of “God’s Smuggler”. I was amazed by the story of Brother Andrews blodness in smuggling bibles into former communist countries. I was also struck by the miracles, how can God make seeing eyes blind? Not long after I read “Gods Smuggler” I gave my life to jesus.


I read God’s Smuggler in

I read God’s Smuggler in my late teens, then attended an Open Doors fundraising dinner. That began my odyssey with the suffering church. I gave financially to the mission to reach the suffering church, but that wasn’t enough. I joined a weekly prayer group that specifically prayed for the suffering church. Then I was challenged to “Go”. In 1985 I joined an Open Doors team of Bible “smugglers” and took Bibles into China. I was caught at the border and interrogated for quite some time. That was scary, but worst of all they took all but 2 of the Bibles that I was carrying. The Chinese greatly respect the elderly, so most of our team made it through and were able to take in several hundred Bibles all together. I devastated when my Bibles were found. At the time Bibles were so rare there that one woman even sold her blood and used the funds to buy ink and paper to copy Bible verses for others. But my team encouraged me, saying that if I hadn’t been caught, surrounded by guards and interrogated, that they had no proof that Christians were persecuted in China. When that happened to me, they could go home and tell their churches and friends my story as proof of the persecution of Christians in China.

Karen Perkins

I discovered Brother Andrews book

I discovered Brother Andrews book at our church bookstore….it was recommended to me when I was in my late 20’s (I’m now 66 years old). I loved hearing about Brother Andrew’s willingness to risk his life to smuggle Bibles into communist countries so other’s could hear about God and how He sent His Son to die and rise again for sins…and to help other believers grow in their faith.

Two accounts really impacted my life from his writings…“When you were on earth, You made blind eyes see. Now, I pray, make seeing eyes blind. Do not let the guards see those things You do not want them to see.” And God brought the rain…! What faith! Our God is our Shield about us, our Protector, our Refuge!

The other story that made an impact was his account of not being able to find the street where he was to deliver the Bibles. He couldn’t ask, he bought a map…but the map had only main streets listed. He went back to his hotel and sat down at a desk in the sitting area and prayed. And after his prayer he looked down at a map that was there…underneath the glass…it was a map of the city he was in…it had been drawn many many years before…and it too had only main roads….with one exception…this one tiny street was drawn…and it was the very street he needed to find.

God knew, Brother Andrew would need directions to this street on this day….so He provided it for him long before Brother Andrew arrived. All glory to God! He goes before us and prepares the way that He has called us to travel on.

All this lit a fire in my heart for the Word of God and how blessed we are here in America to have so many copies and a burden for those who don’t have access!

What a legacy he has left…may I too Stand in the face of all adversity and bring glory to God. Surely, Brother andrew heard the words “Well done good and faithful servant.

Sharon Schutte

Inspired by his example Thanking God

Inspired by his example
Thanking God for imparting
Godly Beliefs and principles
In the world today !

Sherry Ann Wages

A good many years ago,

A good many years ago, when I was a baby Christian, I went to hear Brother Andrew speak. I had read his book, God’s Smuggler, and was aware of the ministry he had founded called Open Doors, a ministry that smuggled Bibles into places where they were forbidden. Brother Andrew did something that was new in my experience. He challenged us to do a “faith pledge.” He requested that each person pray and seek the Lord for a specific amount to be donated to Open Doors. And the way he asked was unique. The money was not to come from a source we had on hand or earned as income or anticipated receiving. The cash was to be paid from unexpected funds. I prayed and felt that I should pledge $25. I wrote the amount on a slip of paper and handed it in. A few days later, my brothers and I were on the front lawn of our parents’ home. My mom came out of the house with the announcement that she had won some prize money in some poetry contests and that she wanted to share her good fortune with her sons. She gave us each $25. I thanked her and put the bills in my pocket. Then the Holy Spirit reminded me of my pledge, and all I could think of was, “That’s so cool!” I sent a check for $25 to Open Doors. God was teaching me, early in my Christian walk, to hear, to trust, and to give.

Nelson Fertig

I grew up as a

I grew up as a missionary kid in Austria starting in the 1970s. I read God’s Smuggler as a middle schooler and it influenced my praying and concern for pastors imprisoned in communist Russia. Today it has continued to influence me to listen to podcasts and support and pray for the persecuted church. Also, he came to the Pfingstjugendtreffen in Vienna. That was so cool!

Heidi Kincaid

Brother Andrew’s life story inspired

Brother Andrew’s life story inspired me to not just hand out tracts to the lost but to hand out Bibles. No matter how many I hand out, I am always surprised by how receptive people are to a free copy of God’s written Word. Pray that they find God’s free grace through the Living Word!


We first learned of Brother

We first learned of Brother Andrew in the late sixties when a church member gave us God’s Smuggler. We became concerned for the persecuted church and started supporting Open Doors. We were very involved when we lived in FL during the nineties and we met Brother Andrew on one of his rare visits to America. What a thrill! We continue to support OD monthly. We pray comnfort for Brother andrew’s family. We look forward to seeing him in heaven, hopefully soon!!

Alice Hull

Brothe Andrew and your ministry

Brothe Andrew and your ministry provokes me unto good works. In Grace, Loren Markel

Loren Markel

My dad, Rev. George Golay,

My dad, Rev. George Golay, spent the 1970s going church to church sharing about the Brother Andrew ministry–showing films and selling books to help in the mission. I was barely a teen at that time, but his passion was evident. So thankful for all who put their lives on the line ministering behind the Iron Curtain. What a testimony for Christ was Brother Andrew!!! I’ll see him one day.

Angie Kruszynski

In Puerto Rico, I was

In Puerto Rico, I was impacted in 1998 by the visit of a Chinese worker from Christian AId Mission. I had been a missionary worker on Christian radio WIVV 1370 AM and WBMJ 1190 AM for a year from 1990-1991. Member of the Pentecostal Church of God I.M. since 1994.

When I saw a table with photos and magazines of the persecution of Christians in the year 2000 at another National Missionary Meeting by Christian Aid Mission and Missionary Agency of Puerto Rico, I said Lord I need to do something for these people!

I already had a ministry of Christian Literature developing since 1996 Evangelistic Tract Society of Puerto Rico and now I really felt the Call of God to do something for them! I started looking for information on the internet and found the World Watch List year 2000 used it for three years in a row because did not know it was updated every year, found the Spanish VHS “Probados por el Fuego” also by Open Doors and sent for it and simply began to visit churches showing the film and the World Watch List and speaking about the persecuted church!

The next thing I know I was in 2001 in Republic Dominican sharing the film and the country listing, it has been 22 years and we still send the yearly listing to the print shop and also maps from diverse ministries.

I have visited 20 countries on 50 missionary trips and have shared about the Persecution of Christians, even visited China and North Korea with Open Doors Ministry on September 2008.

Now for some years we even share the listings, and videos by email, Messenger Facebook, and WhatsApp it has been a glorious journey and many have been blessed through our ongoing work for the Lord for whosoever will and the persecuted!

I cherish the memories of the works of Bro. Andrew, I even changed my name to Bro. Adalberto Santiago because of his great work!

Someday we will see that our work in the Lord has great rewards!

God Bless the Memory and Ministry of Open Doors!

Brother Adalberto

President, Founder, and Volunteer Director

Evangelistic Tract Society of Puerto Rico / International Christian Embassy, Inc. / Member Pentecostal Church of God-International Movement from Las Piedras, Puerto Rico.

PS. Something great was that the Lord sent me to some of the persecuted countries of the Open Doors VHS Spanish Film “Probados Por El Fuego”: Chiapas Mexico and Palestina Colombia. We had presentations even in Haiti in 2017 with maps in French from Open Doors France and Haitian Kreole Country Listings!

PD. We have photos and copies of many of these available!

* I have an IDOP Presentation this Thursday in Bayamon Puerto Rico and on November 2-9 will be in New Paris Indiana and will take the presentation along and celebrate along with the brethren the 61st Anniversary since 2001 I am also the National Coordinator for Puerto Rico. They told me some years ago that Brother Andrew was a guest in one of the Anniversaries during the lifetime of Watson and Rose Goodman the founders of World Missionary Press, Inc

Bro. Adalberto Santiago

I am so thankful for

I am so thankful for Brother Andrew and the Open Doors ministry. I was in a prayer group in the 1990’s we began praying for China, but once we learned about Opnen Doors we prayed around the world. It was not only eye opening but heart opening. I used your materials for teaching SS and sharing mission and prayer time in our church. Though I never saw or heard Brother Andrew speak. He shared himself with us all through his love and Open Doors ministry. What a blessing.

Carla Butler

What an incredible blessing it

What an incredible blessing it was to travel behind the iron curtain into Yugoslavia, Hungary and Czechoslovakia on a Bible smuggling trip in the early 80s as part of a 12 person team sponsored by Open Doors Ministry! It was a life changing experience for me, and I will forever be thankful to Brother Andrew and Open Doors for allowing me to participate.

Nan Williams

About 1987 I read God’s

About 1987 I read God’s Smuggler and found Open Doors ministry. I was so in love with God and His Word and when I found out that people behind the Iron Curtain
didn’t have His Word, I was appalled. So my husband and I began to give to Open
Doors on a regular basis and have done so for the past 35 years. It is still a
heart’s desire of mine that all should have God’s Word at their fingertips. I always admired his courage to do what he did, and the couriers to follow his path too. Although I cannot do these things, my prayers were always for the persecuted church.

Louise A Bowen

When I read about the

When I read about the boldness of Brother Andrew. How he smuggled Bible into the iron curtain, then compared the small things I was afraid of. I saw that we serve a big G D. HE can open the eyes of the blind, but HE can also cause blindness to fall on HIS enemies.
I praise G D for Brother Andrew’s boldness. On a way I am envious, he is home

Nancy J Bryant

I read God’s Smuggler in

I read God’s Smuggler in July of 1968. The next month our Evangelical United Brethren Congregation in Rosewood, Ohio, began supporting Brother Andrew on a monthly basis. One of the greatest blessings I ever have had was when he once told me that our small country Church was the first Church in the United States to support him on a regular monthly basis. I was only 24 when I read Brother Andrew’s book. I will be 80 in July of 2023. Over the years, I have crossed communist/Islamic borders over 180 times taking Bibles, medicines, and teaching in an underground seminary program. I even participated in an Open Doors prayer journey in North Korea. Next to my Grandparents and Parents, Brother Andrew contributed more than anyone else to the shaping of my life from that 1968 date to the very present. I can never thank our Lord Jesus Christ enough for this Great Follower of Jesus Christ.

Woody Barnette

I first read “God’s Smuggler”

I first read “God’s Smuggler” shortly after I gave my life to Christ in 1971. I was struck by Brother Andrew’s close and personal relationship with God, as well as his dependance on God. He was an excellent example for me.

Steve Schulte

I remember brother Andrew sharing

I remember brother Andrew sharing when he was in a vehicle about to cross the Russian border and he prayed that God would give him favor with the guards and God closed the eyes of the guards where they would not see the Bibles how inspiring and what faith he had many stories like this he will be missed and we will all celebrate together one day for all eternity

Steve Padgett

In October 1983, Joan, Jay,

In October 1983, Joan, Jay, Anita, Annie, Barry, Bob and I were part of an Open Doors trip into China. The Lord did open spiritual doors and 80-90 Bibles were delivered to different individuals. These heroes were risking imprisonment and possibly their lives. It is humbling to remember their courage and devotion to God’s Word. I know we all returned changed. We prayed continually. What fruit came from that trip, Dear Brother Andrew is seeing now! Thank You Heavenly Father! … for Brother Andrew, Todd and Fredrick of Open Doors.

Beth Haines

I was living and working

I was living and working in Saudi Arabia in the late 1980s and opened my home for Christians to come and worship together in my home each week. I was part of a Christian leaders network in Riyadh and was surprised to learn one day that Brother Andrew was in Riyadh and would be meeting with our leaders group that evening. I had read his book, God’s Smuggler, years earlier, and had lived in the Netherlands for several years prior, so I was excited for the opportunity to meet him. One thing he shared with us that evening was that Christians who are persecuted for their faith are astonished to hear that Christians in the west rarely experience persecution. He then quoted 2 Timothy 3:12 “all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” In light of that verse, What does our lack of persecution say about us? I have never forgotten that and was reminded of it anew as I recently read and reflected on Matthew 10. Things are changing in the west and I wonder if we are prepared for enduring persecution for being faithful to Christ. May the Lord strengthen us to live lives full of faith the way Brother Andrew did.

Laird Blomquist

I’m so thankful for brother

I’m so thankful for brother Andrew. I read God Smuggler to Dad who is bed-ridden. We got such joy, camaraderie, and encouragement in journeying “with” Brother Andrew. Now as he journeys into eternity, may the joy, camaraderie, and encouragement continue. He is just as much our brother now as he was in life. Prayers in motion for him and his dear wife and all those still living….

Reatha Whitcomb

God bless you for encouraging

God bless you for encouraging us to share. I don’t know what year it was when I read GOD’S SMUGGLER, but it was astounding to me that God answered Andrews prayer often, instantly. I read the whole book and then I read it to my children as a bed time story. I have read it many times and have always been encouraged, that what God did for Andrew and his co workers for Jesus, He would also do for me as I was serving Him and needed His input. It is a classic work of God’s teamwork with those He calls to serve Him. May God continue to be glorified by OPEN DOORS, and may all you workers there, not ride on his coattails, but strike out as bravely as Andrew did, to serve His Savior. Looking unto Jesus, Heb12:2, Jacky Manchester in Texas

Jacqueline J Manchester

By His passion and love

By His passion and love for the one and only true God. His love for the people around the world. By his love of the gospel

Yome F mengistu

God’s Smuggler. After reading this

God’s Smuggler. After reading this book, I realize that if God understood brother, Andrew and his need for adventure. Then perhaps God could understand someone who is hyper, has a need for speed and adventure. That if Jesus is UnOrthodox enough to use a daredevil like brother, Andrew then perhaps Jesus is unorthodox enough to care about an odd duck like myself. His book, God used it to change me and let me know that he did want and does want an up close, face-to-face relationship with him.


After reading the book God’s

After reading the book God’s secret agent, I was strengthened in my faith in Jesus Christ and His promises. I praise the Lord for brother Andrew.
Today I am relying more on Jesus for my future.

Chuck Hruby

I have always admired Brother

I have always admired Brother Andrew as a little girl. He had amazing determination and courage. I love reading the story of him delivering the Bibles and seeing God make a way when there seemed to be no way. His life is very inspiring and gives me courage to follow God more closely. He definitely will get a reward in Heaven for spreading God’s love. “Well done, thou good and faithful servant”

Pam Johnson

It may have been about

It may have been about a little more than a year that I found out about Open Doors.
I was so inspired with the stories of helping our brothers and sisters in Christ in areas where Christianity is not accepted. In America we are so blessed to be able to serve Christ Jesus without persecution. I wonder how many people in this country truly know how blessed they are to know Jesus and serve Him. It moved my heart to want to help my bothers and sisters around the world who are not able to have the same freedom I have to serve our Lord and Savior.
Thank God for Brother Andrew for his courage to go into those dark places to seek out our brothers and sisters. Now he is resting in the Lord. We need more saints (soldiers) to tread the path he’s left.
I pray God bless this ministry and fully equip it for the future work ahead.

Anneliese Epps

As a teenager, I read

As a teenager, I read his book, Brother Andrew – God’s Smuggler. My life was impacted by the amazing ways that I saw God make a way for Brother Andrew to do the work that God had given him to do. My faith in God grew from his testimonies! I was encouraged to believe God for the impossible. In 1981, when told that my chances of having a child would be minimal, I trusted God. In 1983, I surrendered my will to God when after two years of trying were unsuccessful, trusting His will for my life. That expression of surrendering my will was what God was waiting for me to do. We had tried everything we could do and now we had to trust God to do the impossible. That very month we found out that we were expecting our first child. In two years, we tried for a second child. When nothing happened after a year, I again surrendered to God’s will. I heard Him say in my spirit, “I have plenty of children for you to love.” As I looked back over our 10 years of marriage, I realized the children that God had brought into our lives to influence for Him. We continued for another 33 years doing Children’s Ministry in various churches. We still continue today to help children and their parents on a smaller scale in our home as we have gotten older and passed the church ministry to the younger generation. Brother Andrew was one of the people that encouraged me to believe for God’s hand to grow the seeds that I planted. I did my part of planting and God did His part of watering and growing.

Susan Angelilli

As a young person I

As a young person I was inspired to read his story in my parents bookstore.

Later as I brought Bibles into forbidden places, I remembered some of his prayer wording while waiting to go through security check points….

George Cheek

Brother Andrew and his passion

Brother Andrew and his passion for the word of God inspired me to give to God’s work decades ago since I was a young man. Open Doors has always been my favorite option to support the mission of spreading bibles to the unreachable regions of the world.

May God continue to bless the wonderful legacy and work of Brother Andrew.

God bless you all.

Elvan Price

As a teenager (I am

As a teenager (I am now 63 y.o.) I read Brother Andrew’s book, God’s Smuggler. It impacted my life greatly as a Westerner/American to see that God’s church around the world was suffering. How dare we want to be raptured so that we can “get out of here” when so many around the world have lived through or are living through horrendous suffering! My eyes were opened to the suffering of Christ’s Body around the world (as well as through The Voice of the Martyrs and Richard Wurmbrand’s story). Brother Andrew had such a daring spirit and tremendous faith believing in what God could do to get His Word into the hands of His church. He has inspired many to advance the Gospel into areas of the world where the cost is great.

Darlene Leistner

Brother Andrew came to Rockmont

Brother Andrew came to Rockmont College back in 1971 and shared his experiences of taking Bibles behind the Iron Curtain.
My wife and I joined a Persecuted Prayer Group years later in 2018 and our main source of information for persecuted Christians has been Open Doors. Almost all of us have read “God’s Smuggler.”
Although I may never risk my life like Andrew did, I have become a Gideon in order to see and finance distribution of Bibles around the world and to distribute Bibles here in the US.
As I go to each group, I always remember Brother Andrew and Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Timothy Wilson

I never had the privilege

I never had the privilege of meeting this wonderful man of God but I have read about him and his courageous ministry. He is an inspiration to all of us Christians. I remember reading about his prayer that God would let the seeing eyes of the guards be blinded to the Bibles he was trying to get into the country to brothers and sisters who needed them. His life is a testimony of what God is calling all of us to live and stand up in faith to help our brothers and sisters.

May his family be blessed in the knowledge that he lived his life in Christ well.

Valerie Bishop

I first learned about the

I first learned about the ministry of Brother Andrew at University, when I joined an Open Doors prayer group around the time of Project Pearl. I had longed to hear how the church was doing behind the iron curtain. Since then I have also followed Brother Andrew in having a heart for Muslims. I was blessed to hear him speak at a couple of Open Doors conferences and also blessed by his books. May many be inspired to continue his courageous ministry of love behind man made borders, trusting the Lord to open the doors.


His first book instilled in

His first book instilled in me God’s love for missions and the importance for sharing Jesus

Virginia Bryan

It has been my privilege

It has been my privilege to give to open doors for many years. I have felt much respect for Brother Andrew and his ministry. He was truly a man of God! He will be missed! Heaven has welcomed a true saint!

Charlotte Midnight

Brother Andrew was one of

Brother Andrew was one of the bravest man I’ve eve known personally. He preferred to work alone rather than as a part of a large team so as not to make waves that would cause powers to be to feel threatened. Rather such as in Lebanon, he made contact with the head of Hezbollah to meet with him to talk about the release of nationals caught in the cross fire between Lebanon and Israel. Then in one of those meetings with the head of Hezbollah, Brother Andrew gave him a leather bound Arabic Bible and asked him to read it. By building a personal relationship with his man, Andrew facilitated the release or return of the nationals being held.

I was greatly encouraged by Andrew’s great faith that lead to his courageous demeanor in facing any challenge. His example bolstered my own faith walk to exercise courage in my own ministry, Blessings International, in dealing with a number of challenging situations with officials in developing nations that considered our mission of providing medicines for the care of needy people a threat. So I greatly appreciated my fellowship with Brother Andrew.

I want to share an event that occurred now over 30 years ago. My older son and I were returning from a trip to Malawi where we flew in to Mozambique in a small plane, flying under radar to avoid detection so that we wouldn’t be shot out of the air. We were flying medicines to care for many people that were serving the Renamo, led by the only general that refused to join the other generals in their communist takeover of the country.. This plane was being flown by a missionary who was also extremely brave. As soon as we landed on a jungle strip, nationals pushed the plane under a tree, and later we met with General DeComa. Many of his people were so poor that they were dressed in bark. We rode around on motorbikes to various medical dispensaries and one hospital built with sticks, mud floors and leaf roofs. There we met a young girl who had a leg amputated due to a snake bite and survived the surgery under these extremely primitive conditions. This is the kind of circumstances Andrew’s example prompted me to dare follow the Lord’s leading. On our way home via Amsterdam, we took the train to visit Brother Andrew at his home in Herderwieg. We were blessed to visit him and see his enormous library of books on Islam among other subjects. We joked about the name of his village meaning Harder’s way. I then reminded him that my last name was Harder. Since Andrew was shipping some medical equipment for the care of needy people in desperate situations, I asked him if he considered shipping refurbished used equipment. He looked at me and replied, when we Dutch are finished with a piece of equipment, it is totally useless. Then he continued by saying of course “If it’s not Dutch, it’s not much.” We laughed.

Brother Andrew’s books also deeply motivated my in my walk with Jesus. I will ever be grateful for his impact on my life.


God’s Smuggler impacted me greatly

God’s Smuggler impacted me greatly as I read it for a school book report at the age of 12. My heart for missions began way younger than that, but this book in addition to many others missionary’s life stories sparked a desire to the adventure of encountering God in a real and supernatural way. I am now married and serving as a missionary with my family and beginning to realize what it means to truly walk by faith. It is a daily sacrifice to die to self, surrender and trust God without reservations. Only then can we experience God in ways that Brother Andrew did. When the journey gets tough, even though my scenarios aren’t as risky and dangerous as Brother Andrew, I can read and be encouraged again by stories of Brother Andrew. I praise God for the life of this faithful servant of the Lord.

Mary Bousman

Bro. Andrew’s book, “God’s Smuggler”

Bro. Andrew’s book, “God’s Smuggler” influenced my life at the age of 10 in 1972. In 1985 I began my work in eastern Europe and Russia.

Dave Hamilton

His passion to serve God

His passion to serve God through his ministry touched me
and helped me to be more compassionate.
Christians are here to serve, as Christ showed us.

Terri Carter

He gave me a truly

He gave me a truly righteous organization to pour into.


Like Paul, I believe Brother

Like Paul, I believe Brother Andrew was a later apostle, a disciple like his namesake. He lived his life like one of the original 12 and God used him in the same ways as He used the original 12 to spread the Gospel. I feel that a Saint of God has truly passed. Thank you Brother Andrew for giving to the Lord! There will be so many more in heaven because of you and your ministry.

Marsha Holland

By reading Voice of the

By reading Voice of the Martrys,I was made aware how lucky and blessed we are here in the state⁰s.I now am grateful all the time.

Marilyn R Everett

I just finished reading God’s

I just finished reading God’s Smuggler for the second time about one month ago. I was reminded of his humble start in this which became Andrew’s “life work”. I was inspired to see the work I do as my ministry before God. Andrew encouraged many to pursue the difficult for the sake of the Gospel.


Brother Andrew was a Hero

Brother Andrew was a Hero in the Family of God. A Superhero- his superpower was fearlessness. Thank you for showing us all that we can make a difference by using the gifts Our Creator gave us.Brother Andrew has impacted my life in so many ways. The most significant way for me was to be in constant dialogue with our Heavenly Father. I now ask him for more grace. To speak through me to those seeking Him. God bless you Brother Andrew.

Carla Kelly-Near

I read the comic book

I read the comic book version of “God’s Smuggler” as a young boy. The testimony of Brother Andrew’s faith inspired me to grow closer to Jesus and appreciate the freedoms we have here in the USA.

Steve Stover

I read a book about

I read a book about Bro Andrew taking Bibles into countries behind the iron curtain and that he did not try to cover the books, but he prayed over them and asked God to make them invisible to the guards at the checkpoint. He drove straight threw and the guards did not see the Bible’s. That showed me the power of God working in Bro Andrew’s life. Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee

When he was crossing a

When he was crossing a border with Bibles visible, he prayed God would, instead of having eyes opened, instead, keep their eyes from seeing the Bibles. They didn’t. Great message about prayer to a great God from a great man.

Ron Burke

As a student of French

As a student of French in 1971-1972 in Neuchatel Switzerland I heard Brother Andrew
preach the Gospel in a meeting held by Youth With a Mission! I responded in faith and repented of my sins(which I still do) and received Jesus as Lord and Savior into my life!

My life has changed since then in a big way since I heard him share the Gospel!
I praise God for using Bro Andrew in my
life for getting to know Christ and have
Eternal life! I will never forget Jan 23 1972!

Carter King Pratt

A wonderful man of God…

A wonderful man of God… and faithful servant.
I had the wonderful privilege of meeting (and having dinner) with Brother Andrew in Costa Rica. We read his book “The God’s Smuggler” as our family “devotions” for a while. Shortly after, he was in Costa Rica, and my parents contacted him, and invited him out to eat with us, as a family. We all got to converse and get to know him much closer, and personally.
Thanks, Brother Andrew! We love you!
He’s at home, in heaven, now.

Rick Gale

Brother Andrew impacted my life

Brother Andrew impacted my life somewhat indirectly, yet profoundly. I used to attend a church back in the 1970s with a couple that was very involved in Open Doors ministry. They helped smuggle Bibles into China and held a weekly prayer meeting at their home for the Persecuted Church.

It was the supernatural opposition I would encounter when I would attend those prayer meetings that marked my life in a powerful way. I was young and very zealous for the Lord in those days endeavoring to serve Him faithfully in every way that I could. And well-meaning friends and family members would regularly question and even protest my church activities. But on Monday nights, when it was time to pray for the Persecuted Church, the spiritual warfare easily doubled in intensity and ferocity.

Now obviously, the little opposition I faced trying to attend a prayer meeting in America was nothing compared to what pastors and missionaries had to endure being imprisoned, tortured, and even martyred for their faith in Jesus Christ. But it taught me a priceless lesson about the effectiveness and real impact our prayers can have both now and for eternity. If the enemy of our souls hated and fought these simple little prayer meetings with such animosity, then surely they must be mighty and powerful weapons in the arsenal of God’s Kingdom Army.

I will always treasure those evenings of hot, intense intercession for my brothers and sisters on the front lines of spiritual battles overseas. They have inspired me to help lead prayer initiatives at abortion mills here at home. I pray in the coming months and years I will find a way in the will of God to become more directly involved in Open Doors ministry again.

Ed Hull

My faith has been strengthened

My faith has been strengthened after reading many stories through our persecuted church through Open Doors magazine. I read about so many people all over the world who fell in love with the Lord Jesus and were saved, baptized and ministered to through the ministry of Brother Andrew. So in turn I began to pray for the people I read about everyday, for their eternal salvation and also protection through our Lord Jesus. Praying for those who are less fortunate in remote parts of the earth and that they will all be saved and their ministries will be fruitful through our Lord and our God.

Vanessa Coleman

I am a reflection of

I am a reflection of my Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ, as your leader, Andrew. Our goal in common is to share Christ’s Love to all as we journey life’s path together ❤️! To God be the Glory! Amen 🙏!

Richard W Rainey

I saw the audible book

I saw the audible book “God’s Smuggler” for curiosity – I opened and heard his story. I was left ashamed for my lack of trying to the man that Jesus wanted me to be. I have returned to teaching the 4th to 6th graders for Sunday Children’s Ministry. I left it because of my personal issues with the misbehaved kids and others. Noe I realize that this was not even a spec in the way Brother Andrew and his group traveled always in danger of punishment. Perhaps my little contribution will be accepted by our Lord. God truly moves in mysterious ways.

Noel Cruz

My love was strengthened for

My love was strengthened for the persecuted Church after reading his book, his great Faith in the face of adversity helps to strengthen my faith in God.

Mary Benoit

When I was young (I’m

When I was young (I’m 84 now.) I read a book about Brother Andrew called, “God Smuggler,” I believe it was. That book grew my faith extremely greater than it had ever been. I was so excited to know that God was using him to bring His word to people under a rule that was prohibiting them from God and His Word. I am thankful for that book and for his life. I thank God for Brother Andrew!

Helen W Beam

It was an amazing privilege

It was an amazing privilege to serve at Open Doors with Brother Andrew for 12 years and be part of Project Pearl and smuggling Scriptures into China. A month ago I happened to share those experiences with my Sunday School class which reminded me again the blessing, honor and faith-building experiences I had working at Open Doors.

Kristina Johanson-Davies

I read a comic book

I read a comic book about him when I was about 8 years old and then later I read his story when I was about twelve and then again years later. It was his biography and others like him – Corrie Ten Boom, Nicky Cruz, David Wilkerson and a few others that built my faith up even as a I watched many around me quit the faith. It was during some of my darkest times that I remembered the faith of people like him and the others I mentioned. It kept me going. I always wanted a faith like theirs. I am very grateful for his life and his faith.

Edward Hix

It was through Christian Comic

It was through Christian Comic Books telling the story of Brother Andrew that I first learned about the need for Bibles among the Christians in China.
So far I’ve made 20 trips to China, and trips to Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Northern Iraq, Romania, Russia, and Cuba to serve the believers in the persecuted world.
Brother Andrew caused me to realize I couldn’t sit by and do nothing. I’m so grateful for the impact he has CNN made on my life.

Dabney Mann

My parents had God’s Smuggler

My parents had God’s Smuggler on bookshelves when we were growing up but I didn’t read it until an adult. About 20 years ago. Ever since though, my mom and I or family or friend and I read it to each other every year. And every time I get something new or deeper out of it. I have bought used copies for years at Christmas and given it as Christmas gifts and it never fails that the individual will come back and share how moved and inspired they were by it and share it with others. Brother Andrew zchanged so many lives but I suspect we will never know just many more there really are – hearts redeemed and lives healed to light the next torch. God bless you Brother Andrew for your life of self sacrifice but not lived with a sacrificial spirit. And to your dear family who are grieving your loss, the Christ is never so near as in times like these. A grateful heart here sending a farewell…until we meet again in spirit.


He always was touching me

He always was touching me when he was on the radio.

Valerie McMahon

Brother Andrew changed my life.

Brother Andrew changed my life. As a teenager I read his inspirational story and couldn’t counter his claims that Christians in freedom needed to serve Christians experiencing persecution. Because of his vision
and example I became a representative for Open Doors in Ireland for three years and spent a year working with Open doors international in Hardewijk/ Ermelo. Then our family moved to China for 9.5 years to serve the persecuted church and then visited 35 countries worldwide to deliver Bibles for our brothers and sisters. For the last 25 years I have been a professor at 2 Christian universities encouraging the next generation in service for the persecuted church. THANKS BROTHER ANDREW FOR TAKING THE TIME TO LOVE AND SERVE CHRISTIANS IN NEED. CHRISTIAN VAN GORDER, PROFESSOR BAYLOR UNIVERSITY

His fearless courage in the

His fearless courage in the face of extreme danger as he smuggled Bibles to those who had none has been a challenge to me.

Beth DeLaat

Brother Andrew was a courageous

Brother Andrew was a courageous man of faith who led by example with intercessory prayer, humility, and willingness to stand in the gap for the suffering church. I was blessed to attend a few (I believe it was 3) of his Prayer Conferences in California in which speakers would share about persecution for an hour, then we prayed for an hour. Then this powerful prayer conference went on for 3 days.

He inspired me so much that I took my vacations over a 5-year period to bring Bibles into China & Vietnam during the early 1990s. I have tried to share about his prayer, discipleship, and love for persecuted brothers & sisters at American churches I have attended. Sadly, responses have been mostly fearful or apathetic as pastors & churches have shown minimal interest in Brother Andrew & Open Doors.

I am hoping that his going to be with the Lord can help change this status quo of fear and apathy. The western church is experiencing preliminary persecution and I am praying that more and more church and seminary leaders will want to seek the Lord about it, and find out that God wants us to love all parts of the body, including those that suffer as 1 Corinthians 12:26 says.

We need a reformation so that the body of Christ will want to join in the ministry of loving one another like Brother Andrew was doing as an Apostle to the persecuted church.
James Marshall

James Marshall

I never heard of the

I never heard of the church being persecuted prior to 9/11. Through a series of events I began to find out to see if there was persecution of Christians and was astonished to learn of so much persecution going on yet the church was oblivious to it. I began to tell my church about it and send your videos to them. Now many are praying for them. Open doors has even changed the way I was living out my Christianity. I began to see there is a cost to following Jesus. The work of brother Andrew and Open Doors is huge. Not only for my brothers and sisters in Christ where needs are being met, but getting the church all over involved in Gods work and will and plan. He will be missed by so many but we rejoice in knowing his work here is finished and he is with our glorious Lord and Savior. My prayers and thoughts go out to all who were close to him in your joy and sorrow.

Deborah Crossland

I was used to reading

I was used to reading the Bible and trying to grasp what Jesus wanted to
teach me with the support of the Holy Spirit.
But the life of Brother Andrew came up as a catlyst to enlight my mind to highly understand what “living the life of Christ means”.

Raymond Ouattara

I have always admired and

I have always admired and appreciated Brother Andrew since I first became acquainted with him in my teens years, after the Lord saved me. I carried a burden for believers suffering behind the Iron Curtain. I appreciated his work in the Middle East in his later years. I’m sure he received Heaven’s applause when he entered the presence of the Lord. Thank you Brother Andrew for being a wonderful example of a living sacrifice.

Martin Plummer

Read his book. Inspired

Read his book. Inspired by his dedicated life. Learned about Open Doors. Impressed by the approach, the substantial communication like world wTch list. Requiem Aeternum.

Richard Earls

I was a teenager when

I was a teenager when I first read God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew, and it sparked a fire in me to pursue Jesus on a whole new level. His stories awakened a love for the nations, and eventually helped me launch a ministry. His testimony deeply marked me to live my life fully surrendered to the Lord.

Sarah Young

Praying Brother Andrew’s impact will

Praying Brother Andrew’s impact will ripple throughout the world in the coming days. And also that his mantle will be received by ones who will continue God’s work.

Jeanne Doyon

People like Brother Andrew will

People like Brother Andrew will be missed because they know how to take off the limits from God and go beyond it

Maria Pratt

As a newly saved Christian,

As a newly saved Christian, the teachings from Brother Andrew on the power of prayer have changed the trajectory of my faith tremendously. I have and are still witnessing, through prayer and faith, the hearts of my children being turned to God. Because of brother Andrew’s teachings I have a deeper understanding of what Jesus did for us and how we are to be used by Jesus. I urge anyone who is still lukewarm to strongly consider reading and listening to brother Andrew’s teachings and look at his life to see a man who truly lived to his full potential of what God called him to do on this Earth and let the message turn your heart fully and completely to Jesus Christ. Thank you brother Andrew! I can’t wait to meet you one day when we are all in the Glory!!

Shazia Baum

I cannot remember when I

I cannot remember when I first heard of Bro.Andrew, but it was many years ago. After reading “God’s Smuggler,” I was so blessed & inspired to know of the way God can protect us when we are doing His perfect will! The many times God kept those Bibles hidden was amazing.
I must confess that I had heard nothing about him in many, many years. If there is another book about his life, I would like to read it. Praise God for raising up a man like Bro. Andrew. May his lfe inspire us to bravely proclaim the Truth here in Tennessee.

Sarah Maddox

When I was in High

When I was in High School I came across Brother Andrew’s book Secret Believers. It helped foster in me a love for Missions and a desire to spread the gospel to the nations. Brother Andrew will always have a special place in my heart for the way his books have impacted me.


The Lord bless you and

The Lord bless you and keep you and cause his face to shine upon you the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son the Lord Jesus Christ that if you believe that if you trust in him that if you choose him as your partner as your friend because he is a friend who sticks closer than a brother the Bible says if you choose him he calls you his friend if you trust him believe in him in him you shall not perish but you will have everlasting life

Brion Tajiri

We played a game at

We played a game at our Christian summer camp based on his life, aptly called “Smugglers.” Kids smuggled Bible verses past “Border Guards” in the dark, and received bonus points for memorizing the verse. I read the first two pages of the chapter “Lanterns in the Dark” to set the stage as it were, and encouraged older campers to read the book for a non-fiction book report. Thousands of children were inspired by his story over the course of my career.

Mike Burcher

I was a treatment foster

I was a treatment foster care mother. Everyday I had devotionals with the kids, foster and adopted. I would share songs and scriptures with them. I would also read Christian biographies. One day while searching my bookcase for a new biography to read to them, I found a book I did not buy nor had I ever read or heard of before, “GOD’S SMUGGLER” I have no idea how it got there, or who had put it there. I read it to the kids. God used it to get me involved with Open Doors. Years later, after we had adopted 8 children, I shared the stories of God’s servants with my grandchildren. I taught them about persecution and the global church. Also, my husband is bipolar. The years have been very difficult. My husband’s angry depressions would lead to verbal attacks which would wound me emotionally. Reading testimonies of the persecuted helped me and gave me courage to love and to forgive. I learned to listen to and obey the Holy Spirit. Brother Andrew was an instrument of the Lord to teach me that true love requires a suit of armor for a reason. Loving the Lord by loving others will bring suffering, challenges, and pain, possibly death; certainly death to self will. In March of 2020 ,as soon as I heard about the pandemic, the Holy Spirit convicted me to double my giving to Open Doors. I did. God also provided extra funds so I have been able to continue. Through Open Doors I have found brothers and sisters around the world. My church family are my strength from the Lord. I feel their pain deeply and am moved to help. All because the Lord put a book ion my book shelves almost four decades ago. I am forever grateful for Brother Andrew for helping me mature Spuritualky and to get involved.

Ricky Sikes

In the mid 1980s, I

In the mid 1980s, I was in Christian School, and one of reading assignments was, “God’s Smuggler.” Several years ago I purchased a new copy (my copy from school was yellow and falling apart) and it was just as exciting and refreshing to read the book once more, and make a consistent impact in my life.
A powerful testimony of a life lived to tell the old story of Jesus and His love through smuggling the written Word of Salvation.
Well done though good and faithful servant!


I remember when I found

I remember when I found a copy of God’s Smuggler on the bookshelf in my childhood home, and I started reading it out of curiosity. I told my grandmother I was reading it, and she told me how much she loved that book and admired Brother Andrew. I devoured that book, and for the first time, my eyes were opened to God’s active, real presence in our lives; his miraculous provision; the importance of the Bible; the persecution of the Church; the courage of the Church; and the life of the Church. Brother Andrew inspired me so much in my faith, and he became one of my heroes. I decided that I wanted to be a missionary like him.

Fast forward to when I graduated from college, I got a chance to hear him speak at an event. His courage and joy was evident in his stories and presence, and Jesus was his focus. When the event concluded, I walked out the back exit and noticed in which direction Brother Andrew was exiting, and I tried to put myself in his path in hopes I could say hello and thank him for his work. He walked by with an attendant, and the attendant seemed keen on leaving the place and staying on schedule, blocking me from Brother Andrew’s sight. But he caught sight of me and kind of ducked around the attendant and said “What can I do for you?” with a smile. I said, “May I give you a hug?” He smiled even bigger and his eyes were bright as he said, “If it’s good for you, it’s good for me” and spread his arms and gave me a huge hug! We said goodbyes, and that was the only time I saw him in person.

My plans to be a missionary did not work out, at least not the way I had planned. God has closed all of the doors I tried to open. But, strangely, as I find myself living in the United States, in my hometown, living what I would’ve thought was a boring life, I have more opportunities to witness to the glory and love and perfection of Christ than ever. I’m living in the present moment with God, learning to abide in his love, and find my meaning in Him, not in what I achieve. I want to be brimming with joy and love always, no matter where I am or who I’m with, like Brother Andrew was in that moment with me when he hugged me. I want to have his faith and courage in my hometown just like he did around the globe. I want to love and serve my precious Lord and Savior always and anywhere, just like Brother Andrew did and the persecuted Church does.

I thank God for him. I am excited to hug him again in Heaven one day! 😀


I came across the book

I came across the book Gods Smuggler back in the 80s. I was so very touched. Out of that, I received training as a Bible Smuggler throygh Open Doors and made my first trip with a team of 2 others to a closed country. It changed my life! I orchestrated a prayer for the persecuted event at my church which caused others to have a heart for those persecuted for their faith. That was the beginning. Thank you, Brother Andrew, for impacting my faith and stirring me to act on behalf of our precious brothers and sisters. I know your reception in Heaven was amazing! Rest well dear brother, until we finally meet…

Catherine Sykes

Years ago in 2007, we

Years ago in 2007, we left pastoral ministry to follow God’s calling to reach out to Muslim people with friendship and the good news of Jesus.

During that time, we read as many things as we could get our hands on to help us with this new calling. I can’t remember who it was, but someone gave us Brother Andrew’s amazing book, “Light Force.”

We were mesmerized by this book which revealed so much about Arab Christians and Muslims in the Middle East, particularly in Israel/Palestine. It helped us gain a greater love for Palestinian Christians who suffer so much, and also for the Arab Muslims who need the Jesus of the Bible.

Brother Andrew touched our hearts so deeply with his love for Arab people, even those that many people labeled as terrorists. He expressed all kinds of love for them in practical ways and that gave him an “open door” to share Bibles and the gospel with these people.

When we wrote our own book, “Loving Your Muslim Neighbor,” we quoted our hero, Brother Andrew.

Like all of us, he was just a man. But like unlike all of us, Brother Andrew trusted Jesus in such a way that he was able to do extraordinary things by the leading and power of the Lord he loved.

May we follow his example and hear the well done of our Savior!

Timothy and Miriam Harris

I read God’s smuggler many

I read God’s smuggler many years ago. At that time I mailed Bible portions into the former Soviet Union. The Word of God is so precious to those who don’t have it. Some years later, as I was attending a Youth with Mission DTS in Amsterdam, Brother Andrew graced us with his presence and wisdom as he taught us one morning. I remember most vividly how he spoke about the progression from unbelief and bondage to Faith in a society, and then into complacency and eventually ending up in bondage again. I thought about the world at that time and what was going on and I could see it happening. That was in 1987. How much things have progressed to this day. Later, I, along with a group of seven, carried 700 New Testaments in Russian into Siberia! Besides having the privilege of leading someone to the Lord, my greatest joy has always been sharing the Word of God, especially with those who are not familiar with it, or who don’t have their own copy. I remember when brother Andrew took thousands of Bibles into China. I know through his work, he continued to share the Word of God throughout the world. And through Open Doors, his work continues!

I know the Lord is saying to him as in Matt. 5:21 “Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.” (Until just now, I never thought about this verse in the context of passing on into Glory, but I see he will continue to be about the work of our Lord, with never ending Joy! Wow! Amen! Thank you, Brother Andrew, for the light and example you have been to me and to so many people around the world, and how you were so instrumental in bringing our Lord’s sheep home to Him!

Cristal Haberkorn

I was a sophmore in

I was a sophmore in high school & not a believer. I was an avid reader & read almost any book I could get my hands on. My gym teacher noticed some of the books I was reading, & started loaning me some of her books; one of which was “God’s Smuggler”. That book softened my heart which led to me becoming a believer soon after. I am now 66 yrs. old & have lived my life as a committed Christian. In my late 20’s I lived in Munich, Germany & smuggled in Romania. I am so thankful for Brother Andrew’s life & ministry!

Barbara Schieding

I have always loved to

I have always loved to hear about what Brother Andrew has done to bring Bibles to the persecuted church. Blessings to you all.

John Bridgman

I am reading the book

I am reading the book God’s Smuggler. It has changed my life and thinking about spreading the gospel.

Maryna Frederiksen

I read God Smuggler as

I read God Smuggler as a teen back in 1967, it gave me my first insight on how today’s Christians need to stand for what they believe in. I was amazed at how God worked through Brother Andrew. Now as a supporter of Open Doors, I am so thankful for Andrew’s faith that helped my faith grow. I try pray every night using the “Prayer Force Alert”. A reminder on my phone to pray at 8:36PM (Mark 8:36) helps me to be faithful! It is amazing how one person touched so many lives in so many countries, just because he understood what an amazing GOD we serve!

Rosemary Nuland

Reading God’s Smuggler opened my

Reading God’s Smuggler opened my eyes years ago to how the Lord can deliver us from the enemy in ways I had never known.
Praying for your family.

Linda Kirby

In the 1970s, I led

In the 1970s, I led a Bible study, where we used God’s Smuggler as our study book. It changed my prayer life, as I learned that the Lord could make seeing eyes blind! And that the Lord could direct our paths into ministries and needs that were awaiting us.. Brother Andrew’s faith energized mine to begin to listen to The Spirit’s voice In a new way. I am 80 now. Brother Andrew changed my life.

Carole Banse-Doyon

After reading God’s Smuggler in

After reading God’s Smuggler in High school, my eyes were opened to the persecuted church and the many I reached people living in Communist/dictatorial countries. I gained a deeper appreciation for the freedom to worship I have here in the US, and I also realized the responsibility that comes with that freedom. After graduating I was able to give a few years going on multiple trips to the 10/40 Window (taking Bibles to remote areas in Northern India and Nepal as part of that). To this day my husband and I continue to support missionaries in serving in closed countries, and we teach and pray daily with our 5 kids for the persecuted church around the world. I am so very thankful for men like Brother Andrew who gave us the example of simply saying YES to God again and again. Seeing the Lord take an ordinary man with a willing heart and use Him so powerfully to be a light in darkness encourages me to also step out in faith when God leads. Thank you for a life well lived for God’s glory Brother Andrew!

Christy Geiser

I was 12 and reading

I was 12 and reading all the books in the church library. I reached the Missions section and picked up “God’s Smuggler.” As I read it, I was blown away by the audacious and unashamed faith of Brother Andrew. By the end of the book, I committed myself to fulltime Christian ministry after I complete university studies. That day, I remember feeling like my heart would burst if I did not respond to so great a need in the harvest field. Since I was 12, a long way from university, I wrote to the address at the last page, wanting to connect with Open Doors. When Open Doors finally had an office in Singapore, I signed up to pray, and was an Elijah prayer leader. I remember the days when I would receive a call from the phone at home, that “a crossing is happening right now,” and I would quickly call those in my group, and drop on my knees to pray. I really did enter into fulltime Christian ministry upon graduation even though my mother kicked me out of the house. I’m almost 60 now, and still serving the Lord in fulltime Christian ministry. All these years, I have never forgotten the impact that Brother Andrew made in my life through his life shared in the pages of “God’s Smuggler.” All these years, his was the long obedience in the same direction. Praise God!

Grace Chiam

Brother Andrew impacted my family

Brother Andrew impacted my family by his devout faithfulness. He never wavered in his belief in God’s power of prayer & protection. He was a guest in our home on several occasions when we lived in the Netherlands. My father, an Army Chaplain, was stationed in Afcent & helped partner with several of Brother Andrew’s ministries by connecting military families to help support him, specifically with supplying cars for his ministry. He also spoke to our congregations about miracles he witnessed. He’s been an inspiration to me on God’s faithfulness my entire life!

Rachelle Nyenhuis

He is one of my

He is one of my hero I meat him in Washington DC to be interviewed by Brother Dan know .
We will see him again !
Bishop Getaneh Getaneh
From watch & pray int. Min.

Getaneh Getaneh

I read his book while

I read his book while in college as a young believer. It encouraged me to live closer to the Lord each day. I was inspired of his devotion to the Lord and whole harden devotion to Jesus Christ. He was a
Godly example to me.

Laura Sarvak

Brother Andrew’s book, God’s Smuggler,

Brother Andrew’s book, God’s Smuggler, increased my faith and the faith of my family for 3 generations.

Marian Houchin

Brother Andrew’s books had a

Brother Andrew’s books had a great influence on me as a teenager in the 1970’s. It was my first glimpse that God was larger, wiling, & able to be more than a Sunday morning God. It helped me give my life to God. I have served Him ever since. He has guided and filled my life for the decades since.

Nora Schoonmaker

I read and listened to

I read and listened to Gods smuggler probably three times. Brother Andrews Life had a great impact on my walk with the Lord. First in learning to be faithful with what God calls you to do in the small things. He felt called to missions but had to work in a chocolate factory first… when he accepted this and started sharing Gods love with the lady in the factory who was a a bully and then she experienced Gods love and she led other to the Lord in the factory and it changed everything in the factory. Also that God can save anyone anytime. Brother Andrew was pretty Drunk when he accepted the Lord at the outdoor meeting. He woke up the next day and his life was different. I loved that. There are no formulas with the Lord. I could go on and on as Brother Andrew and his story and Open Doors is a ministry that I believe is close to Gods heart.Thanks so giving us a place to share this. Blessings Jayne


I met Brother Andrew while

I met Brother Andrew while serving on a short term mission trip at Bethlehem Bible College in 1996. My 13 year old daughter also met him on that trip. His passion for the persecuted Palestinian Christian Community in the West Bank was unbelievable. I remember riding with him and Alex Award surveying the walls being built. Brother Andrew had a pained expression on his face and I asked him “How can Israel afford to build such a massive wall?” He looked at me and said, “Money from the US government pays for these projects.” My daughter gave me a surprised look as we both took in the scale of the project before us. We will always remember his gentle manner and deep faith.

Jon Kraner

Brother Andrew was the featured

Brother Andrew was the featured speaker for the International Luncheon for the National Religious Broadcasters annual convention which I believe was held in 1999. I was the MC for our event and had the distinct honor and privilege of introducing him to the several thousands in attendance and sitting beside him during the luncheon. He is more modern day hero of the Christian faith and I will always treasure learning about his dedication and perseverance in reading “God’s Smuggler.” He has motivated me to pray for the persecuted church and support Open Doors.

Thomas Rogeberg

It was exciting to read

It was exciting to read his adventures. But most touching are the conversion stories. His own included.

Michael Kamrath

During seminary days at Talbot

During seminary days at Talbot School of Theology, Brother Andrew was a guest speaker, and we were given his book God’s Smuggler. Thank God for his commitment to Christ and influence on our lives.

Dick Johnson

My mother had breast cancer

My mother had breast cancer and I was 9 months pregnant ready to deliver my second child. Someone gave her ‘God’s Smuggler’ by Brother Andrew and she gave it to me! I wasn’t ready to lose my mother and I was looking for a manifestation of the Jesus I had heard about in Sunday School! I was looking for the God who could open blind eyes and shut those that were seeing in the natural! When I prayed the simple prayer at the end of the book, I heard Angels singing and rejoicing and I don’t think my feet touched the ground for 2 weeks! I went around telling everybody who would listen about the Jesus Who would come to live inside of you! And I’m still doing that! I was a most unlikely candidate to get saved, but God! And Brother Andrew’s book!

Margo Hayes

From his books to his

From his books to his monthly letters Brother Andrew’s love for the lost has always challenged me to do more and be a part of Open Doors ministry. The humility he showed to all of us will live on and continue to help each of us to be more like Christ. The Body of Christ and Open Doors has lost an awesome example of showing others Christ’s love in everything we do. He will be missed…..Until we see him again.

Bob & Bev Gray

Bob Gray

This is not a big

This is not a big deal but important to me- my mother gave me Brother Andrew’s book when I was 10 or so. His story and witness has stayed with my entire life. A couple years ago my wife and I were searching for an organization to tithe to and Open Doors seemed like where God was leading. It has been a huge blessing to be made aware of what God is doing around the world. God bless you and your ministry. In Him!

John lusk

As a new Christian in

As a new Christian in 1977, Brother Andrew’s book had a profound effect on me. I learned how to give, and how to trust, by what he did and modeled. “Well done, good and faithful servant. “


The story in God’s Smuggler

The story in God’s Smuggler about trapping the monkeys has always stayed with me. When I have held onto anger and refused to forgive, I have thought about that incredible teaching and been reminded that I am the only person being punished. One of the best books, filled with life changing stories!!


In 1975 I took Bibles

In 1975 I took Bibles and other religious material into the Soviet Union. By many miracles I got in, passed them to believers and got out.😃✝️🇺🇦

Carolyn Jean Davis

My wife Shauna & I

My wife Shauna & I administered banquets in Greenville, S.C. (1988-1992) to raise funds for Brother Andrew’s ministry! My wife handled the many phone calls from folk wanting details about the banquets. Brother Andrew’s books were sold & a love offering was taken! Read God’s Smuggler! Love the story of the border gaurds in Yugoslavia looking at the Bibles in his Volkwagen but not being able to see them as he brought God’s Word to hungry believers! Also 1 million Bibles delivered in one night into China! During that time we mailed Russian Bibles into the then U.S.S.R.: Belarus! Love the Bible College requirements that he had to fulfill in order to graduate, planting a church congregation!

Jim Vandegriff

As a baby Christian of

As a baby Christian of a few months his book “God’s Smuggler “ made a HUGH IMPACT on my life. I never realized a person could trust God the way he did!

Barbara Chiarella

God Bless Brother Andrew! I

God Bless Brother Andrew!
I have been eternally inspired through his life’s work and Open Doors Ministry to pray for and serve our persecuted Brothers and Sisters in Christ! Thank you for continuing his legacy and work to reach all the corners of the earth to the most persecuted of our church and to pray fervently for and meet the needs of those who are in places hostile to our faith in Christ! I am most grateful for Brother Andrew’s Boldness in Christ, his sacrifice no matter the cost on his life, strengthening the Church to send out missionaries and followers of Christ but allowing us all to know we are able to be used by God in mighty ways if we make ourselves available!

With all my love and gratitude!
A Sister in Christ

Holly Amirault


WISE FAITHFUL TRUSTWORTHY LIVABLE Inspirational Life and Ministry of Brother Andrew GOD’S Smuggler the Book Introduced and Enriched and Challenged My LIFE I was SAVED Trusted Received JESUS by Holy Bible Scripture Booklet.GREAT THANKS for OPEN DOORS MINISTRY and BROTHER ANDREW Strengthen and Challenged me To PRAYERS,Holy Bible Booklets Distribution WORLDWIDE 1 Timothy 6:18 2 Corinthians 9:8-13-14

David Hennick

I was eleven years old

I was eleven years old when I got my hands on “God’s Smuggler”. It changed me forever. I wanted to be obedient to the call of whatever God wanted me to do. Of course I went through some rough patches, but I knew God had His hand on me and would use me as a vessel for His glory.Brother Andrew’s life was one that reflected His Savior, our Savior. I always wanted to meet him, some people want to meet their favorite movie star or sports hero but I wanted to just shake his hand and listen to his wisdom one on one. But I never got the privilege of this in this life. Someday, in eternity I will shake his hand, and say thank you for your Godly life and for never holding back from doing what you were called to do. It was for His glory that he lived his life, may that be all of our goals as we continue on this earth. Maranatha.

Trey Dolloff

I read God’s Smuggler last

I read God’s Smuggler last year, and I was moved beyond words.

Thank you Brother Andrew! May God raise many more up like you!

Dustin Epperly

I am a friend and

I am a friend and prayer warrior with Nita Edwatds who knew Brother Andrew personally. I know what Brother Andrew meant to her and so many other faithful soldiers of the cross.

Please accept my condolences.

My heart and prayers go out to his family and staff.

Chap. Suellen Medd


When God shows his love

When God shows his love and power thru his people, His love feels enormous. This was my experience reading about Brother Andrew. The forgiveness he extends, the miracles he placed just so, the eyes he opens, the true self he reveals, the gifts of the Spirit, the heart of compassion he gives….this is some of what I learned from Brother Andrew. Praise be to God.

Meg Williams

Brother Andrew inspired me thru

Brother Andrew inspired me thru his book God’s Smuggler and his ministry to the persecuted.He now has his reward

John and Sharyn Krauch

We met Brother Andrew back

We met Brother Andrew back in the early 90’s through the pastor of a church on the Mt. Of Olives in Jerusalem. We were in the process of seeking the Lord’s direction for ministry after ministering in Jerusalem for 3 year. Brother Andrew offered opus 2 possibilities: Smuggling Bible into Muslim countries, or running a coffee house in East Germany, witnessing to those who came in, and eventually turning it into a church. We were blessed beyond measure, but the Lord lead us into a different direction. Brother Andrew was a tremendous blessing to us, and the kingdom of God.

Sue and Fred Wooden

I read his book God’s

I read his book God’s Smuggler and wanted a relationship with God like Brother Andrew has. So, instead of reading the word 15-20 minutes every day, I set my alarm a full hour earlier and spend all of that time with the Lord.
I pray continuously and can see the difference in my life. God is so faithful and merciful. He listens to me and answers my questions.
I am grateful for the example Brother Andrew gave us as to what is possible if we do the will of the Lord.

Rebecca Kerr

I was inspired of how

I was inspired of how the Lord reveal Himself to brother Andrew, how brother Andrew crossed difficult borders all relying on God’s great acts! Glory to God thankful for Open Doors Ministry thru Brother Andrew.

Jane Brown

My family and I have

My family and I have been encouraged through his many books and his life of faith. I pray for people in places that I cannot go, knowing God can go there. There is no closed door for Him. And we try to live that kind of faith that sacrifices everything so people may know Him. I have and will continue to share Brother Andrew’s stories with my daughter, in our children’s ministry, and at the school I teach at. Very thankful to God for his life.

Heather Hanks

I first heard of Brother

I first heard of Brother Andrew when the book God’s Smuggler caught my eye at a friend’s house. I was immediately taken by Andrew’s story and his quiet, cheerful way of describing the works of the Holy Spirit in his life and in the lives of all he encountered. I left that reading of the book shaken and awed.

Years later, after another reading of God’s Smuggler during a particularly difficult time in my life, I wrote this poem.

for Brother Andrew
Jason Christopher Hackwith

Yes. The God that closes soldiers’ eyes and confounds
the politician’s guile,
Cheerfully runs a car on fumes across the width
and breadth of Europe;
The God who speaks across barbed-wire borders
and flapping wooden tongues—
Only He could have created you,
Unremarkable brother of all, kindly warrior,
Quick of tongue yet gentle, gentle of heart and hand.
Marking St. Andrew’s crosses, all across the world—
An X for each heart.

Copyright © 2011-2022 by Jason Christopher Hackwith. Permission is hereby given to OpenDoors to publish this poem however they see fit, online or offline, as long as author credit is given.

I praise God for the quiet yet world-shaking work Brother Andrew has done for the Kingdom.

In Christ’s abounding love,
Jason Hackwith

Owner, Firewind Productions
[email protected]

Jason Hackwith

I read God’s Smuggler as

I read God’s Smuggler as a teen. I made a big impact on me; both the dedication of Brother Andrew and the might works of God.
I love the newsletters to keep us aware of the persecuted church, its struggles and triumphs.

Vicki Kramer

Brother Andrew, was & is,

Brother Andrew, was & is, a loving & brave inspiration to me, & so many other Christians, for his courage to smuggle Bibles behind the then, Iron Curtain! And also for demonstrating his great love & care( of course In CHRIST) for our dear persecuted brothers & sisters, who suffer so, in various ways, in other countries!

Guido Spinozzi

It has been many years,

It has been many years, but I remember reading the book!

Nancy Corbitt Corbitt

Brother Andrew opened the door

Brother Andrew opened the door for me to have fellowship with God’s people in many parts of the world who suffer for their faith in Christ. Through the monthly Prayer Force Alert I meet with my brothers and sisters to pray for them and to cry with them and also to give thanks and praise to God on their behalf, because I’ve come to know that they strengthen the Church of Jesus Christ in ways that only our Lord can fathom. I thank God that early in my walk with Jesus my husband and I both were privileged to read Brother Andrew’s book, “God’s Smuggler”, and learn the powerful secret of the One Church that the Apostle Paul described by revelation of the Spirit of God. Brother Andrew served faithfully to bring that Church in closer
communion. Thank you, dear Brother!

Mary Ann Canfijn

Not long after I got

Not long after I got saved I read the book and had a burden for the then Soviet Union n Ukrain. I was blessed to be able to go there 2 times because of God’s faithfulness. I love the people of this area of the world 🌎.

Bob Asmus

I once sat next to

I once sat next to a Middle Eastern man on a plane. He was a Christian and told me of the persecution he had suffered for the faith. He was angry at how his family had been treated. I asked him if he had ever read God Smuggler. He said he had not only read it, but he once met Brother Andrew years before. I asked him what Brother Andrew told him. The man began to tear up. “He told me to forgive…” This is the power of a single Christian sold out to Christ. All of us can tell others to forgive. But when you’ve walked the walk and put it on the line for Christ, even just a few words carry eternal weight and influence.


I would like to thank

I would like to thank Brother Andrew and Open Doors for exposing Christians like me that had no idea of the persecution our brothers and sisters around the world faced daily. We so easily become inwardly focused and Open Doors has helped turn my focus outward. Thank you for opening my eys and keeping them open to the suffering taking place around the world in the Persecuted Church.

Mark Smart

As I see this photo

As I see this photo of you in Tiananmen Square and read of how your story is full of risk & adventure, courage & faith as you followed God whole heartedly, I’m reminded of just how much your book inspired me to let go and let God. I read it several times and gave it away as gifts. I also had opportunities to smuggle Bibles into mainland China and stand in Tiananmen Square. I thank God you for and I thank you for being a trail blazer especially for so many missionaries. I will always be grateful to you. Rest in peace & rise in glory!

Linda Ng

I appreciated his willingness to

I appreciated his willingness to go where ever the Lord sent him. Taking Bibles everywhere he went and because he went, he witnessed the supernatural opening of doors to the Gospel and the protection of God Almighty along his way.

Teena Jones

I grew up in Africa

I grew up in Africa on the mission field and my parents had the book “God’s Smuggler”. I read it as a child and Brother Andrew’s story inspired me and grew my faith. My husband and I have supported and prayed for the persecuted church for a number of years now. We have so much to be thankful for in this country as compared to believers suffering around the world. I appreciate Brother Andrew’s desire to serve the persecuted church! I pray the work continues.


Brother Andrew was an outstanding

Brother Andrew was an outstanding Christian & smuggled Bibles into countries to spread the gospel.
Love giving a gift towards buying Bibles to take in to countries where Bibles weren’t allowed! Many souls saved by reading God’s word.
Soo sorry to hear he is gone but happy he is with our Savior!
Karen Chambers

Karen Chambers

I read Brother Andrew’s books,

I read Brother Andrew’s books, God’s Smuggler and The Calling: The Challenge to Walk the Narrow Road. I quoted from the latter in the Foreward to my book, What Is Truth? The Bible vs. The Koran, published in June 2020. Still available on
He inspired me to attend an Assembly of God Ministry to Muslims in 2006, now called the Global Initiative. I paid for a church to be built? in Palestine at the conference, and I didn’t believe in Palestine as a geographical location. That lead me to research Muslim ideology and organizations that minister to Muslims. I found Open Doors and became a monthly donor, among others. That led to books by Brother Andrew which led me to read the Koran. The Holy Spirit led me to write a book comparing doctrines of both to lead people to Jesus.
I pray for his family, colleagues, and all the lives Brother Andrew touched. May all the seeds he’s planted bring now a plentiful harvest!

Byers Carol

I read God’s Smuggler as

I read God’s Smuggler as a young believer in Jesus, and it has inspired my faith ever since! I buy copies to give to other people.


God’s Smuggler was the first

God’s Smuggler was the first book I ever read as a child. It changed my life and set me on the course I continue. I hope Brother Andrew is hearing the words “Well done thy good and faithful servant” right now.

John Lyon

I received a copy of

I received a copy of ‘God’s Smuggler’ free from the Open Doors website. I didn’t really expect much from a free book, but wow was I wrong. Reading of Brother Andrew’s testimony & life, I was brought to tears. The ways God used him to lead others to Jesus & to bring translations of the Scriptures to other nations was amazing. I had only read similar stories in the Bible, so it was very encouraging to see how God was still working His miracles. This is one of the few books I can read over & over. I love reading about how God came through just in time, even when things looked impossible. Brother Andrew truly was a servant for Jesus & lived on mission.

Leslie Pennington

I just finished reading “God’s

I just finished reading “God’s Smuggler” recently. It’s one of the most inspiring books I’ve read. In it, I was challenged by how devoted Andrew was to relying on God’s provision not man’s. I was inspired by his obedience to take up his cross and follow Christ no matter the cost and to spread the gospel through Bible smuggling. I won’t ever forget this book or message or that’s brother Andrew is part of the great cloud of witnesses whose faith inspires us onward toward God.

Rachel Rodriguez

Years ago, Idi Amin [sp?]

Years ago, Idi Amin [sp?] started killing all the Christians in Uganda. I remem-ber how Brother Andrew insisted that OPEN DOORS not stop its smuggling activities in that country–in spite of the increased danger. Andrew, himself, was warned that Amin might target him directly. Andrew remained firm in his resolve [praise God!]. As history correctly records, Amin fled that country in a governmental overthrow. Months later, a search of Amin’s compound discovered a list of names. Authorities researched all the names, and concluded that they were Amin’s “Hit List” because some of the people were no longer alive and others had gone into hiding. Brother Andrew’s name was on the list–but [praise God!] he survived Amin’s terror. As his good friend, Corrie Ten Boom stated, “The depths of hate may be deep, but the love of God is deeper still.” I know they are rejoicing again together before the throne of our Savior!! “He shall wipe away every tear from their eyes, and there shall no longer be any death….” REVELATION 21:4a

Janice Lee Baldwin

Shortly after I was saved,

Shortly after I was saved, I read God’s Smuggler and God’s Smuggler to China (not by Brother Andrew). These books inspired me, and I was chosen by our church to join a team bringing bibles into mainland China. This was in the early 80’s and China was not nearly as open as it is today. We went in to Hangchou with no contacts or hotel reservations. We were able to make our own contacts with a local underground church, and delivered 250+ bibles to them when they were only able to share individual pages that were photocopied. We were so amazed to see God work in miraculous ways over the period of 2 weeks. My life was changed forever. I have a love and reverence for His word that was branded on my heart. God bless Brother Andrew and his vision for the gospel. We will never be the same!

Barry Biggs

I read “God’s Smuggler” for

I read “God’s Smuggler” for the first time over 40 years ago. After I read it I prayed and asked the Lord to, one day, let me preach the gospel in Russia. 20 years later that prayer was answered. I even have a newspaper clipping with a photograph to prove it. Brother Andrew inspired my life in such a way that I have been traveling and preaching, teaching and training and most of all praying with and for my brothers and sisters in persecuted countries for a very long time.
I have reread “God’s Smuggler” every year since that first time. Why? It reminds me of my calling, my passion and my commitment to the persecuted church around the world. God has called all of us to GO.He has never promised me I will come back.
Lord, THANK YOU for the faithfulness of Brother Andrew and his inspiration in my life and the life of others. You will always have my YES.

Mark A Proffitt

He inspired me to Believe

He inspired me to Believe that God is involved in every detail of my life.

Carolyn Chesnutt

I was a brand new

I was a brand new Christian when I read God’s Smuggler; what an amazing Christian & leader! His life has always inspired me❣️

Kathleen A Petersen

I went to see hear

I went to see hear Brother Andrew speak with a couple of my friends in Santa Barbara, Ca. He talked about smuggling bibles into Russia and other countries that didn’t allow the Bible. He told about when he got to the border and the guards
Checked the car, he would pray “ Lord, I know you made blind eyes see, now, I’m asking you to make seeing eyes blind, so they wouldn’t see the Bible’s in the trunk of his car. His prayer was honored. When we were leaving, he shook my hands and asked me to pray for him and to remember him in my prayers.
Being a baby Christian, I felt like John The Baptist felt whenJesus him to baptize him. I did not feel worthy to pray for this man that absolutely radiated the love of and for Jesus. As I thought about his request for prayer, I wondered if the Lord had showed him how much I loved Him(the Lord). Over the years I remembered and prayed for him. I’m 81 yrs old and married to my husband for 61 yrs I led my husband to the Lord. I was married to him at the time I went to see Bro Andrew, I saw how God answered Prayer and gave me faith to believe that my prayers for my husband would be answered.


Decades ago I came in

Decades ago I came in contact with the book God’s Smuggler. At that time I was young in age and also in faith. The book inspired and challenged me to respond to the call to reach difficult people in my region by faith. The life of Brother Andrew will continue to be a challenge and inspiration to me in my service to people of other faiths in difficult areas.

Robert Simon

Thank for inspiring to pray

Thank for inspiring to pray for unreached people’s

Amber Dockweiler

I remember as a teenager

I remember as a teenager hearing about brother Andrew. I myself joined the ministry for awhile and mailed copies of Bibles to other countries. It was a blessing to minister and still to this day, admire Brother Andrew for His calling and obedience.
May we all continue in obedience to Christ in the work He will call US to do! I look forward to seeing Brother Andrew in heaven someday and also thank him for his ministry here on earth!

Vicki Karschner

Reading The God Smugglers many

Reading The God Smugglers many years ago it brought me so much encouragement. The faith in God that this man “Brother Andrew” had was difficult for me to comprehend at that time in my life. He encouraged me step out in my faith & really trust in God.

Isidore Vigil

I did not know much

I did not know much about Hermano Andrew until I went to one of the International meetings in LA, CA. My friend and I was sitting near the front because we were early and did not want to mess around sitting in the back. As we were discussing how old the people were and debated about wearing a tie or not this old guy came and sat next to us. We said hello and he asked why we came. My friend said he wanted to know about visiting China to help the believers. I was listening and getting interested in what this grey haired guy was talking about because he was excited about taking Holy Bibles to people that truly wanted them. As people filled up the hall and the music played we asked if we had to wear ties, he smiled and said maybe you do not have to but I have to wear one tonight. Then they introduced Hermano Andrew and he went up! As he started speaking he pointed at us and said we need more young people regardless if they have long hair or wear ties!
Then I was shocked for not recognizing that “old man” who sat with us for about five minutes! He made us feel comfortable and my friend went to China and I went to Cuba…Shalom y’all

J Jimenez

He was promoted by Corrie

He was promoted by Corrie Ten Boom when she came to my college in 1974. He was the first leader I invested in at age 18 on my own. I loved his courage and joy! Recently I got to hear some first hand stories from his early companions. Fun & fearless! I still have my worn God Smuggler paperback. Thank you to all who built Open Doors and carry on!

Jane Bosma VanderPloeg

I’ll never forget how he

I’ll never forget how he took his Volkswagen to a repair shop after a long drive, and the repairman told him, “This car should not be running.” God did so MANY MIRACLES for him and through him. What a LIFE!!!

Pecho Carolyn

🪔 [candle lit in remembrance] When

🪔 [candle lit in remembrance]

When I was in third grade, I had to do a research project about Brother Andrew. I had no idea who he was, but when I started reading a children’s biography of him (I was too young for God’s Smuggler at the time), I became deeply fascinated. When Brother Andrew turned 90, I even sent him a letter! I read that biography over and over again and bought God’s Smuggler when I became old enough. When he died, I was quite shocked and distressed because I lost yet another part of my childhood. Though I struggle with my faith, Brother Andrew’s life has made me think more about what it means to be a Christian and has challenged me to think of Christianity as a life that goes beyond the church doors and into the world.


He inspired courage to share

He inspired courage to share and risk freedom for me soon after I was Bor Again. 1970

John R. Weber

I read God’s Smuggler published

I read God’s Smuggler published in 1967. 1965-66 I was an exchange student in W Berlin for a year. After I could speak German, about 4 months, I went to E Berlin many times through Checkpoint Charlie. I was not a Christian and had no idea I was learning how things work in the Communist world. Fast forward to 1972 I was on a 2 month student trip learning about our Christian roots. I read Tortured for Christ and learned fresh that people behind the Iron Curtain had no Bibles in their language. Immediately, I ran into a Bible shop and bought 30 in the 3 languages where we were going. I had read God’s Smuggler several times and fully believed it would be great. Lord make blind eyes see and seeing eyes blind was my favorite prayer. The authorities in Bulgaria thought we had drugs and searched while we were gone. After interrogation I asked them questions. My last question was, may I pray for you knowing you are atheists? After much discussion and laughter they said yes. So I said so this is how God is going to reach you and I will pray for Bulgaria until Bulgaria is free. Lots of stories. They didn’t get all the Bibles and I had to explain God I a living God and I don’t need contacts. I remembered Brother Andrew’s story of receiving extra donations. God prepared him for Bulgaria not letting him in for 3 years. He needed the extra money to drive through Italy. When I left Bulgaria I rejoiced I was interrogated and freed in my own name so I could return to Bulgaria. I never did. What a stroke of genius for God to have me learn German. I could talk with anyone in just about every country except Netherlands!

Elizabeth Turner

His faith inspired me. He

His faith inspired me. He wrote in his book how he smuggled Bibles into communist Poland. He didn’t know how he would make contact to deliver them, but at an event he could tell who a believer was, and he was right! God is that powerful, through the Holy Spirit, to guide us even in that detail.I learned this from Brother Andrew. I praise God for his historic courage, his legacy, and for the encouragement in knowing that his race is done and he is experiencing the rewards for all of his sacrifice.

Bobbie Wallace

On June 4, 2022 the

On June 4, 2022 the book God’s Smuggler arrived in the mail together with a used Bible I ordered to give away! I was amazed! Since then I have found the same Bibles are sold through Dollar Tree for $1.25 each and they will ship them to the store for free! I have many Bibles, tracts, and copies of John & Romans to share. We also had the World Games here in Birmingham, Alabama as well. God’s timing is amazing!

Dustin Short

Brother was my hero growing

Brother was my hero growing up.
His courage, faith and determination changed my life.
Later in life I followed his steps in a much smaller scale doing similar work in China.

In a time where leaders and fathers are missing, brother Andrew left a permanent mark here on earth.

I thanks our Father God for his servant Andrew van der Bijl

Arturo Machado

I first read ‘God’s Smuggler’

I first read ‘God’s Smuggler’ as a teenager, and also several times in the years since then. Brother Andrew’s courage and his love for fellow believers always stayed with me. One of his stories about an elderly couple in a restrictive country always impressed me. When he asked them why they stayed, they replied, ‘If we go away, who will be left to pray?’ When I found Open Doors, I was happy to be involved and to receive stories and updates about the persecuted church.

Daphne Ackerman

Bless the persecuted.

Bless the persecuted.

T Scarborough

It is so inspiring to

It is so inspiring to read of his life and how God used him to spread the Good News! Be faithful and watch and see what God will do!

Scott and Carol Gustafson

Brother Andrew inspired me to

Brother Andrew inspired me to be daring, ignore the odds and take risks for the Lord.

Erik Fiedler

I’ll never forget reading God’s

I’ll never forget reading God’s Smuggler while in Jr High School. What a testimony, life & ministry winning souls to the Lord. Thank you for your service to the Lord

Arlene Riggs

I contribute to Open Doors

I contribute to Open Doors monthly to give ;Bibles to those need them.

Katherine Hedlund

Can’t imagine what this reunion

Can’t imagine what this reunion is like. I Always wanted to meet Brother Andrew. A friend invited me to go see him in Israel in 2010. I couldnt make it then so I gave him my copy of God’s Smuggler for him to sign. He did. I read nearly every book he wrote and for a large portion of my single life I prayed God would use my life in a similar way. Now I see the same people that I wanted to go to the middle east to share Jesus with in my own city. Asking, begging, searching for immediate help as they were brought here in crisis. We have much of what they are looking for + Jesus to give. Crazy how that works. Brother Andrew’s obidience has helped me in incalculable ways. It’s hard to measure this man’s influence on my life.

Well done my friend! Well done.


I heard Brother Andrew speak

I heard Brother Andrew speak at the Paramount Theater in Springfield Massachusetts in the early 70’s. He taught me through his testimony to love and pray for the persecuted church. Since then countries that were closed to the gospel were opened but sadly others were closed. I praise our Father for Brother Andrews influence on my life. I continue to pray for the persecuted church as well as unreached people groups. One of my favorite words form Brother Andrew, that I’m sue is very popular by now is, when he prayed, “Lord, you made blind eyes see. Now I ask you to make seeing eyes blind.” As he transported Bibles to those in need of God’s precious Word. I’m grateful that he is now enjoying peace and rest in the presence of our Creator God.

John Miller

The Lord GOD used Brother

The Lord GOD used Brother Andrew and Open Doors in a key part of my regeneration and sanctification, as I was exposed and informed about a world my family in Christ is experiencing that I was not fond with. I grew in love, courage, and perspective as a result of the work of Open Doors and the grace of God revealing to me and softening my heart in these crucial matters. May his lineage be blessed and May the seeds he sewed reap abundant harvest. May the work begin.


what a blessing he was

what a blessing he was in the lives of so many people I can only imagine what he is seeing now there in heaven awesome God bless you brother

Cam Schafer

He ran his race and

He ran his race and won. So glad he is in the arms of Jesus.

Mary Handley

Brother Andrew has had,and continues

Brother Andrew has had,and continues to have a profound influence on my life and the ministry I do. The integrity, the servant steadfastness, the inspiration, that both he and Open Doors has fed into me has helped my life beyond any words I can compose here. God’s spirit through him and the ministry has been water in a parched world for me for forty nine years.

Greg Johnson

Read God’s Smuggler early in

Read God’s Smuggler early in my Christian life,such a blessing,help support Open Doors now.what an encouragement brother Andrew has been @!!

Sandy winter

The God’s Smuggler book was

The God’s Smuggler book was the first book I read regarding the persecuted church and it completely changed my worldview. I contribute not only to Open Doors but others working to share the love of Christ around the world.

Kathy Clark

I remember reading the version

I remember reading the version of Brother Andrew’s life, that Jack Chick put out when I was very young, “God’Smuggler” that really encouraged me to be a Soulwinner, I am now 69 years old, and I never leave my home, without tracks in my shirt pocket, and I carry extra New Testaments In my truck, when I share the gospel and they asked Lord to save them, I give them a Soulwinner’s New Testament, I explain to them the importance of Prayer, Telling someone else what is happened to them, and getting in a Bible believing church, and growing for the Lord. Blessings to your ministry,
John McClellan, Cell # 865-773-7888.

John McClellan

I don’t remember whether it

I don’t remember whether it was this brother or another. I heard testimony from one who was based out of Berlin, Germany who went all the way to Moscow and back several times. What servants for God they are to get the Word to someone by whatever means necessary. May he rest in peace. May his legacy live on.

Rickey Southard

About forty-five years ago I

About forty-five years ago I first learned about Brother Andrew and his work behind the Iron Curtain. I read his book and was so impressed with his courage and determination to share the Gospel with those who were persecuted by their governments and were part of the suffering church. The Lord laid a burden on my heart to help in any small way I could and ever since I have prayed daily and tried to be a faithful supporter for those who do not have the wonderful blessing of freedom of worship that I have. Brother Andrew will only now with his entrance to heaven, see how many lives he helped change and receive crowns upon crowns! God bless your work here on earth, Brother Andrew, as it continues to reap rewards for you!

Linda S Brown

Loved brother Andrew’s story in

Loved brother Andrew’s story in his book, God’s Smuggler; it’s hard to articulate exactly, but it was so inspiring, encouraging, heartfelt, down-to-earth, adventurous, relatable, and hearing it over again was always a book to return to again.

Shira Richardson

Profoundly impacted when reading God’s

Profoundly impacted when reading God’s Smuggler as a teen. Got to meet him in Texas in 1972 at Explo. Challenged my way of thinking and grew my faith greatly. To this day, after many many readings throughout the years, I continue to support the persecuted church because of the ministry of Open Doors. The daily prayer calendar is helpful in reminding me what a difference prayer can make and brings me close to others around the world. I am excited to also have personally experienced the fact that NOTHING is impossible with God! Truly grateful for this man and your bold faith.

Karen Kersting

I was a staffs in

I was a staffs in Open Door International (have its own name) in my country. When I join the organization they gave me the book “God’s Smuggler). I was thrilled with the name of the book then when I finished the book I just get a great encouragement about my faith how strong brother Andrew’s faith was to follow our Lord’s command. When I was was young my ambition was to be a smuggler what will give me more power and money but it gone away as I was growing. But I has the same brave heart and after knowing brother Andrew’s life and work I take some brave step for the glory of God. What put me many difficult situation but by my strong faith to our Lord helps me over come all those difficulties and continue to stay faithful to God. Brother Andrew is a hero to my life who is totally different many traditional minister. I am happy that he went with our Lord as he was waiting for that. I can imaging how happy he is now as he heard that ‘well done…..’

Sudip Bapari Ripon

Just hearing Brother Andrews testimonials

Just hearing Brother Andrews testimonials of his passion, desire and faith in serving our Lord has strengthened me in my walk and faith in our Lord

David White

Twenty five years ago a

Twenty five years ago a man came to our church who had been part of Project Pearl. Through him I was introduced to the plight of persecuted Christians. I had been pretty clueless before this about what part of the Body of Christ endured. I then heard about Open Doors and partnered with them in prayer and giving. The Lord had pricked my heart for the needs of these people. I have received several books and writings over the years that Brother Andrew had written. Each time I read one I was challenged and humbled by his bold and fearless faith and how much he loved the Lord and His people and put Him first. There is great fruit that remains from his life. I hope I meet him in heaven.

Karen Witt

I read God Smuggler when

I read God Smuggler when it first came out. I began praying for the church and difficult places because of that book. When I was slightly older I was in West Germany in 1972 as a missionary and met a Dutch man who worked smuggling Bibles into East Germany. That man took me to a local store and bought all of the necessities for my soon to be delivered baby. I will never forget his heavily accented German as he tried to request the baby bath and oil and lotions that he thought I would need. Then in the 1980s I met my first of several people who were actually Open Doors representatives. We have remained friends with Klaas Muurling for decades. Lower part in financial contributions has been small, we have supported this organization started by Brother Andrew for far more than half of my 70 years. Through the years I have prayed for him many times and his family, many times and for this organization and the great work that you all do. Continue! In the name of our Lord Jesus I pray a blessing on all of you as you continue to face the challenges of our world which is increasingly hostile to Jesus. Thank you for giving us a format such as this to say goodbye. I look forward to finally meeting him in heaven with Jesus.

Stephanie Neff

Brother Andrew’s testimony and book

Brother Andrew’s testimony and book made a major impact on our lives and influenced many of us to go into missions and scripture distribution

frank dennis

One year I taught a

One year I taught a class of fifth graders. We read Brother Andrew’s book God’s Smuggler. We used yarn to trace his travels through the eastern European countries behind the Iron Curtain. It opened their eyes to another way of life than their own protected ones..
I saw Bro. Andrew on tv once. He challenged the host and the audience to evangelize by asking,” Why aren’t you?” I never forgot his quiet manner and his piercing question. Now I am part of a church that spreads the good news in a needy part of a large southeast Missouri town.
I love the ministry and the man. There will never be another like him!

Elizabeth Marshall

I read his book “Tortured

I read his book “Tortured for Christ”. Soon after getting saved as a young man. In the book he said, when he was in prison being tortured, “he wished he had been kinder to people”. I never forgot it. It seemed over the years that this wish among others was a guiding light for him and became a guiding light for me. Service for Christ and others is still a guiding light for me and my family! And I believe it always will be throughout etrnity!!!

Daniel Snidgrass

As he told about God’s

As he told about God’s closing the car inspector’s eyes so that he could not notice the Bibles were in plain sight. If God was doing that sort of miracle behind the iron curtain, He could do miracles for me in USA. The more I trusted God the more He helped me recognize the miracles that God was actually doing in my life. I ran for judge at God’s calling and by His grace and by the hardest I won in a strange election cycle in a 19 County district. I am already an Open Doors partner who prays as well as gives $$.

Mary Libby Payne

It was great to read

It was great to read about how Brother Andrew brought Bibles to people, despite government agents who were under orders to censor the distribution and even the mere possession of Bibles. Many people in countries that Brother Andrew traveled to were Christians who really wanted those Bibles he brought. Although many others didn’t know the goodness of Jesus, they were also helped by Brother Andrew, who demonstrated how God gives people courage to do great things. And I thank God for protecting Brother Andrew, and I ask God to bless and protect his soul.

Laura Borst

I remember reading God’s Smuggler

I remember reading God’s Smuggler when I was a preteen or young teen. I still remember his story about God blessing him with the blue volkswagen. What I remember the most though, is his story of smuggling bibles through customs behind the Iron Curtain. What an amazing testimony of serving the Lord with faith!

Jill McKechnie

In early 1970s, I attended

In early 1970s, I attended an Open Doors meeting in downtown Aylanta, before the Billy Graham Evangelistic Crusade (1973 I think). I was in my early 20s and completely riveted with learning the attention and power of God to cover His work and shield His people. This principle is further confirmed in Corrie ten Boom’s, THE HIDING PLACE. God
Will continue to use these proofs in upcoming generations to bolster faith andevangelism. ✝️

Claudia Berry

As a young Christian I

As a young Christian I read God’s Smuggler for the first time. Over the next 45 years or so, I read it many times and gave copies to others. The book had a wonderful impact on me. Brother Andrew showed me strong faith and what it meant to live out that faith. Although I never personally met him, when I heard of his passing, I felt like I had lost a wonderful friend. Rejoicing for his joy to be in Christ’s presence, and a big thank you for what his example and work has meant to us.

Janet Olah

Brother Andrew’s story inspired me

Brother Andrew’s story inspired me to trust God with the same faith Brother Andrew modeled. I specifically remember the “cake story”, and remember thinking if God can care for Brother Andrew like that, I’m sure He can and will do the same for me. I’m serving in full time ministry today.

Nelson Miller

I never met Brother Andrew

I never met Brother Andrew but I have carried his book around with me until it is tattered and worn it is one of my daily go-to’s of how I want to live and serve the Lord. Every time I read it I get something different out of it I’m going to pull it out tonight.

God bless you brother Andrew and thank you for your example.

Elizabeth McLaughlin

He visited Open Bible Standard

He visited Open Bible Standard Church in San Fernando Trinidad and shared his courageous acts taking Bibles behind the Iron Curtain. Inspired me to serve God for real.

Veronica Crim

I read the book “God’s

I read the book “God’s Smuggler” as a young Christian and was so inspired by Br. Andrew’s faith! I was especially inspired by how he never wavered from his call, and how he/Open Doors always found new ways to get Bibles to those who needed them.

As a result, we have supported this work for several years and believe in it strongly. In addition, thank you for recognizing the need to care for those traumatized by persecution. A much needed supportive aspect of getting God’s Word into the hands of those who are starving for the Bread of Life. Blessings to you all!

Allison Woods

Brother Andrew challenged me to

Brother Andrew challenged me to be bold and courageous as a follower of Jesus in ways I never dreamed of possible before. It is because of his testimony I was able to take a step of faith and in the name of Jesus go live in a place across the globe that many consider dangerous. It was through his book S.B. that I first gained a heart for the people group mentioned in the book, and to this day my life is dedicated to sharing His love with them. I am honored to share a first name with this hero of faith, and I certainly hope to continue in his legacy of doing the exact things that people tell you, “You can’t do that!”


Great man of FAITH AND

Great man of FAITH AND COURAGE !!!

James Hogg

I got saved at 16

I got saved at 16 in 1977. Of the first books I read was God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew and Tortured For Christ by Richard Wurmbrand. They so influenced me that I went to Bible College and went into missions. I got involved in support of our persecuted family and still am.

Joe Sanders

I would like to attend

I would like to attend wish I seen him. Fore he went to be with the Lord ✝️🙏❤️🥰✝️

Stephanie sireech

By this open doors ministry

By this open doors ministry is impact my life I the way the I can know about the faith of others brother in Christ in other country and communities and to pray for others and by more strong in my faith in Jesus thanks God for brother Andrew and his staff and partner in the ministry for touch my life for be a better Christian

Ivan Piris

What a dedicated servant, finally

What a dedicated servant, finally receiving his heavenly reward. I’m sure he’ll be greatly missed on this earth❣️🙏

Shirley Schuman

I was a Christian, and

I was a Christian, and marrying a Christi an man. One day maybe within 3 months of it all starting, Somebody showed me a large agricultural box totally filled with second hand Bibles. My man Mike — months earlier had collected all these for our new school. Searched goodwills, salvation armies etc, collecting dozens of Bibles for distribution. All on his own


I met Brother Andrew at

I met Brother Andrew at Explo 72 in Texas. He autographed a small white New Testament for me. At the time I was a young nurse. I didn’t realize the depth and breadth of his life and ministry until years later. The Call on his life and his obedience have been inspiring along with stories from Open Doors ministry. He has certainly left his footprint for Jesus in this world. Truly a man after God’s heart.

Connie. Wilson

Brother Andrew helped me to

Brother Andrew helped me to become aware of and embrace a life of “evangelical derring-do”/aka ‘daring to do’. In my first conversation with my wife-to-be, in the cafeteria of the U.S. Center for World Mission, she told me that she had recently returned from a trip to China in which she “smuggled” a significant number of Bibles into that Communist country. That REALLY got my attention as I realized I could grow in relationship with a sister in Christ who was committed to take obedient risks to the glory of God. I have not regretted the decision to grow in that relationship and eventually marry her!


I found a comic book

I found a comic book in the local Christian bookstore titled “God’s Smuggler”. I was so intrigued that I found and purchased the book to get the whole story. It also had an address in Holland that I wrote to. This was around 1974.

I can’t remember the date, but many years later I was fortunate to hear him speak in person in Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA).

I have a deeper and more complete knowledge and understanding of what our brothers around the world face because of him.

I was amazed as I read the book and continue to be inspired by his example. I am blessed that God led his path to cross mine. While I have never gone to other countries, I lend my support in other ways. I don’t have an awe-inspiring story, but he has blessed others through me because of the awareness I have because of him.

Shari Butler

As I researched and wrote

As I researched and wrote a history of Frontiers, I was surprised to find Brother Andrew in the middle of it. He helped launch the Frontiers office in the Netherlands before there was much of a church for Muslims. I would bet he did a lot of other things only God knows. Rest in peace, Brother Andrew.

DC Keane

We read about Brother Andrew

We read about Brother Andrew in a children’s book (Everyone a Child Should Know) that was well-geared for my 4 and 5 year old daughters. After we had read through it several time, my oldest really wanted to buy Bibles for those who didn’t have them, inspired by the Holy Spirit and Brother Andrew’s story. We helped organize an art show at our church, where the children worked on art, displayed it at church for a week or two, and then people bought the artwork. The money then went to buying Bibles. Ahead of time I told my daughter that God could do more than we can ask or imagine, so maybe we could pray that we’d raise $400. In the first day alone, $1100 came in! It was a beautiful example to us of God providing more than we could imagine, and a precious experience for all of us to walk in faith and be able to share Bibles with those who don’t have them in another country.


I read God’s Smuggler as

I read God’s Smuggler as a new believer in the mid-70s. Brother Andrew inspired me to step our in faith and obedience to Jesus even in the face of danger. I’ve been a full-time missionary for over 40 years. He’s inspired me MANY times. Currently I am the international leader of YWAM Frontier Missions–we work at getting the gospel to some of the most difficult places.

Kevin Sutter

I worked for Open Doors

I worked for Open Doors from 1981 through 1987. it was always a pleasure to meet with Andrew on various occasions. Two statements he made still stick with me today and I share with others: “Prayer is not preparation for the battle, it is the battle!” The other was: “The greatest ability in the world is AVAILABILITY.
Thank you,
Tim Phillips

Tim Phillips

BrotherAndrew’s example and writings inspire

BrotherAndrew’s example and writings inspire and sustain me , to have Hope and Courage. With God all things are possible !! Thank You God for Brother Andrew!

McGee Rose

I first received a copy

I first received a copy of “God’s Smuggler” from my mother. She told me it was her favorite book and I know that is true because it was the one she bought dozens of copies of over the years. She gave the book to every young believer that she mentored as a way to show God’s radical faithfulness to us, and what it looks like to be radically faithful to His calling on us to be His ambassadors, boldly seeing Christ preached among the nations. Often over the years I’ve prayed, based on Brother Andrew’s example, for “the blind to see and for the seeing to be blinded” as I’ve gone about various missionary endeavors. I”m a publisher now of mission books, and his example and impact helps spur me on as I choose manuscripts to publish stories that tell of the “glorious deeds He does among the nations.” And to, “tell of the amazing things [the Lord does]” just like those He did with Brother Andrew. While he was utterly of a one of a kind, Brother Andrew was so inspiring he has influenced legions of the younger generations to follow boldly after Christ. Thank you Brother Andrew, well done, good and faithful servant.

Denise Wynn

Your life and the way

Your life and the way you lived it, your words and the way you walked them out. Your obedience and the way let God use it. We will forever remember and work to mirror your example.

Lindy Warren Lowry

Brother Andrew changed my life.

Brother Andrew changed my life. A number of years ago I read God’s Smuggler. Aside from the Bible, no book has had greater impact in me. As I read and walked aside Brother Andrew, the consecration of my life was solidified. As I read, the Spirit spoke to me about living fully in Faith, fully surrendered, that without Faith, it is impossible to please God. And surrendering every aspect of my life was really a small thing to do. Since that experience I have found myself following Christ in two extremes. By Faith I smuggled Bibles into a closed third world communist country, without the support of any organization. And now Christ uses me as a vessel to minister LOVE to addicts and gang members in a bad city neighborhood. Brother Andrew continues to be the most inspirational person in my journey. When I heard that he had gone Home, I cried. But perhaps he is now closer to us all than ever, as part of the Great Cloud of Witnesses. Few men will ever have a legacy like his. He brought so much fruit to the Kingdom. So many were snatched from death because he chose to surrender and love Christ. And so much fruit still is produced through the outward ripples of the lives he touched. Some day I hope to hug him and say Thank You. For now, may we all press on toward The High Calling like never before. Brother Andrew is surely cheering us on as part of the Great Cloud of Witnesses. May Christ be glorified, lifted high, and our one and only steadfast focus.

Deborah Sue Hemingway

I first heard Brother Andrew

I first heard Brother Andrew speak about 50 years ago after I first became a Christian at a small church in Willow Grove, PA. I read “God’s Smuggler” and thought God was calling to me to get involved, but I could not then. Years later, my wife Alice and I became “Bridge-Builders” for Open Doors. Then we delivered bibles to China to learn how to better present the suffering church to the churches in America. She became a board member of Open Doors USA. After that we made many trips to deliver bibles to the suffering church.

Years ago we hosted many fund-raising dinners for Open Doors in Texas. One series we did with our area representative featured Brother Andrew and Corrie Ten Boom as speakers. It was a privilege to work with both of them.

Alice died two years ago. I’m sure she and Andrew can have lots of time together now, along with other brothers and sisters who love him. I will miss them both.

Charles Bratton

Reading gods smuggler many years

Reading gods smuggler many years ago open
my eyes to the plight of those who lived where
the gospel is unwanted an often dangerous for
those who believe. The connection with Open
Doors has inspired me for many years.

Emma Routh

I am looking forward to

I am looking forward to hearing of the amazing legacy of Brother Andrew and learning how to be brave in the face of what is to come.

Susan and Matt Newby

I read God’s Smuggler when

I read God’s Smuggler when I was a teenager. It profoundly affected me. Years later I read it again and began to donate regularly to Open Doors. I think of the miraculous stories of Brother Andrew often and never fail to share them with others. I can truly say the he has been one of the great inspirations of my life.

Johnny Burkhead

In 1982, my grandfather got

In 1982, my grandfather got an Spanish edition of God’s Smuggler’s book. He gifted it to my father, who kept it until I discovered it in 2009. I was around 15 years old, and it caught my attention for it had marks of being under a moth attack, and survived. I read it the first time, and it made me excited to know about the miracles God had worked for our dear brother Andrew to bring His Word into closed boarders. I was a teen. The adventure was what had captivated me on the first read.

A couple of years later, I read it a second time. I had enjoyed it enough to call it my favorite Christian biography. We were preparing as a family to go out into the missionary field. Then, what touched my heart was the overwhelming providential care of our Lord in all the needs brother Andrew had. It taught me, and showed me, how to live by faith at our next destination: knowing God was going to provide for our every need while on the field. 10 years later, I can certify he truly has. And every time a miracle would happen, it reminded me of our brother Andrew.

Further in time, I read it again, and this time it brought me to tears understanding the depth of the work God had done in our brother’s heart before he even became God’s smuggler. I used the monkey trap story with my girls at summer camp to explain how temptation and sin work. It stuck with me as a deep mark.

There have been many things I’ve learned about the faith, dedication, and ministry of brother Andrew’s life. I’ve gifted the book 5 times now, and lended it a couple more. I wish everyone could get to know his legacy, and become part of it as well through all the lessons he left behind for us.

At this very moment, in light of his departure, the biggest lesson and encouragement that comes to mind from his life and ministry, is the following: FAITH ISN’T OUTDATED, HEROES AREN’T A THING FROM THE PAST. WE CAN LIVE FOR GOD TODAY, IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR CONTEMPORARY WORLD, JUST AS BROTHER ANDREW DID UNTIL IT WAS TIME TO GO HOME. Until is time to go meet him there, I thank God for his life, I thank God for his service, and for the impact that he had in my life.


A number of years ago

A number of years ago in the pool with my kids and friends I asked the question if you could meet anyone who it would be. Most said the president or someone very famous. My daughter of about 10 said Brother Andrew. Due to his age he only traveled to the US twice a year. We flew to TX to hear him speak. I asked if we could have lunch with him. They said he had a very busy schedule, and it was unlikely. I asked that they ask him. They did and he said he’d love to. My daughter got to have lunch chatting with Brother Andrew. It was a time neither her nor I will ever forget. He was such a wonderful man that valued a conversation with a 10-year-old as much as anything. A true inspiration.

James Nerger

Thank you Brother Andrew for

Thank you Brother Andrew for receiving and sharing the presence and passion in Christ to others and yes we can do likewise🩸✝️🙌♥️🌟🔥on fire for JESUS!! Marianne Wood

Marianne Wood

I was inspired by the

I was inspired by the story of Brother Andrew some 6years ago here in Nigeria. Not until early this year that I saw his book God’s smugglers on the shelf of my uncle and I read his extraordinary story on how he broke the ground in the then Communist countries especially China. I was really challenged and inspired by his unshakable faith in God’s ability to use him to make the Bible available and accessible. I felt guilty on one hand as I read his amazing story of the risks or rather faith in the midst of dangers even at death point. I’m currently volunteering with one of the extension of his ministry vision here in Nigeria. Lives are constantly impacted in and through the process. Wishing his family and friends and the body of Christ God’s comfort and grace to sustain the ministry he left behind.


Brother Andrew: You will hear

Brother Andrew: You will hear “well done My good and faithful servant; enter into the joy of the Lord” You will be ruler over much. You will have many friends to meet you. Rest in His peace🙏🏽😇

Robin Ogburn

I first read his Smuggler

I first read his Smuggler for God several years back now. I count him as one of a handful of people who impacted my walk with Christ hugely! He made me aware of the cost and the blessings of obedience to God’s call. I began giving to Open Doors because of him, and praying so much more fervently for those under persecution. I cannot say enough good about him. Thank you Lord for using your son Andrew to impact the lives of so many. May we see and do likewise.

Glenda Voigt

I received Christ on leave

I received Christ on leave on my way to Vietnam. Where I was stationed there were missionaries to the military. They had a library that included Brother Andrews writings.
After I got out of the military, I was driving to Dallas Bible College and stopped at the offices. I had been so impacted by his courage and faith in the Lord, how he trusted God for protection and his heart to bring the Word of God to the unreached. I was considering joining the ministry.
His ministry will always be a part of who I am to this day.
Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your Lord

steve Loopsta

His autobiography really impacted me.

His autobiography really impacted me. Such a great man of faith. His example compels me to do to reach the lost with God’s word.

Andrew Bishop

Brother Andrew’s commitment to Christ

Brother Andrew’s commitment to Christ and to His work strengthened my faith and inspired me in my desire to be dedicated to Jesus even more.
I read his life story last summer and it was amazing to hear how the Lord protected and provided for Brother Andrew through so many dangerous situations in doing the work that God set before him.
Oh the celebration that has to be going on in heaven as Brother Andrew arrived Home and saw his Savior and Friend face to face. I want to follow in his steps as he followed Jesus.
Continuing to serve faithfully,
Carla and Loren Williams

Carla Williams

Psalm 37:4 states “Delight yourself

Psalm 37:4 states “Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” (KJV) How I interpret this verse is if we delight oursleves in knowing and walking with God, He gives/implants desires in our hearts and then brings those desires to fruition in our lives.

God used a comic book version of “God’s Smuggler” during my middle school years to implant a vision in my heart of smuggling His Word behind the Iron Curtain. Our LORD brought this vision in my heart to fruition in my life when I was 22 during the summer of 1983 when I got to smuggle Christian literature into Yugoslavia and Bulgaria.

Thank you Open Doors for continuing Brother Andrew’s legacy!

Lester Morris

Brother Andrew, is a genuine

Brother Andrew, is a genuine disciple of Jesus Christ! This is what he has shown me:To love God and His Word. To love all people as God loves them. To obey God always and to trust completely in His Word; to lay my life down for God’s Word. He has proven to all who will listen, God is with those who choose to lay down this life for the one to come! And this kind of personal death and resurrection is adventurous and filled with daily miracles which perpetually testify to a loving, all-powerful God! Brother Andrew has taught me he to have a courageous faith that can be done alone or with others. Do not be afraid, but hope only in God! I have had much darkness in my life and jave been overwhelmed and discouraged by it; Brother Andrew’s statement
about Lighting a candle to combat and scatter/shatter the darkness is a brilliant retort to all negative responses/excuses for not influencing others for Christ. The Word
of God has truly been Light unto his Path and a Lamp
unto His feet. Praise God for Brother ANDREW!


When I was a teenager

When I was a teenager I heard about Brother Andrew’s book: The smuggler of God, where
he smuggled Bibles into closed countries. That was really fascinating. I lived in Germany at that time. I contacted Open Doors and they sent me prayer cards to pray for the believers that were imprisoned in countries behind the iron curtain.

Brigitte Moore

Gods smuggler inspired me to

Gods smuggler inspired me to trust God and not to fear !

Yvonne Svitlik

Brother Andrew saved my life,

Brother Andrew saved my life, because when I discovered him in Charisma Magazine, literally 20 years ago, I had just left my job, and was trying to figure out how I was going to make it. Praying for the Persecuted Church gave me a purpose, it created a prayer ministry for my mother, and myself, until she went Home 6 years ago. I have been forever changed, and I hope my mom is now sharing with Brother Andrew what his ministry meant to us. Rest well my dear brother, I can’t wait to meet you one day!

Tamaca L Harris

I was a young believer

I was a young believer when i first read “God’s Smuggler”. It set the stage for me to believe God for the miraculous. To expect God to intervene and communicate regularly. Brother Andrew’s faith was so simple and pure. Such a huge encouragement in my life.

Amy Wearden

God’s Smuggler was one of

God’s Smuggler was one of the first missionary books that I picked up from my church’s library. It started me on a trajectory of reading many more and learning so much to help me on my walk with Christ.
Even more than that, the main thing I take away from that book whenever I read it (I keep coming back to it because it is so wonderful!) is to pray in all circumstances. When they were in difficult situations, they depended on the Lord through their ongoing fervent prayer. I want my life to be that way too because we serve the same listening and caring God who can do amazing things!

Valerie Duncan

Thank you, Brother Andrew, for

Thank you, Brother Andrew, for the opportunity to smuggle Bibles into China, walk “no man’s land” into Gaza carrying Bibles, and visit Col. Vinatea in prison in Peru as he suffered the persecution of the Shining Path.

Bill & Ann McCulloch

My mom shared stories from

My mom shared stories from God’s Smuggler, The Hiding Place and The Persecutor in church and youth camps and Sunday School classes when I was growing up. The experiences and testimonies in these books shaped my life and have helped me be brave. I know that God can do amazing things, and will help people who are trying to do his will!

Brenda Volz

Brother Andrew inspired me because

Brother Andrew inspired me because of his obedience when he was first in school and sent out with certain instructions of not asking for donations yet coming back with more money than he was given for food and hall rentals etc and because he obeyed there and learned from God (the God game or way) he was given exactly what he needed in every case. Very inspiring to me. Thanks for continuing his legacy in helping so many. Thank You Love for Andrew and everything that he did and that came out of his ministry. Blessings and love.

Linda Wheeler

Bro Andrew was an amazing

Bro Andrew was an amazing man of God. I have followed his ministry for a long time and read his books.
He was a life changer. He touched my life and inspired me. He was a real true hero of the faith.
Thank you Bro Andrew and God continue to bless Open Doors as they continue the mission.

Linda O'Dell

Brother Andrew changed my life

Brother Andrew changed my life in so many ways. He made me trust God more in the times of uncertainty. He also showed me my calling from God to want to go overseas.
A quote by him that has always and forever will inspire me is
“Our prayers can go where we cannot…there are no borders, no prison walls, no doors that are closed to us when we pray.”

Sarah Joy

I read God’s Smuggler years

I read God’s Smuggler years ago. Brother Andrew inspired me then to share God’s Word with others.


In high school I was

In high school I was chosen to portray Brother Andrew in a play. I have been fascinated with his life story ever since.

Kenneth Self

As a teenager, Brother Andrew

As a teenager, Brother Andrew help me overcome my Marxist upbringing (Christ is, Marx never was), and helped me see how to pray-believe-help the brothers and sisters behind the Iron Curtain. Even today I can pray and help my brothers and sisters behind the Bamboo and Crescent Curtains because of Brother Andrew’s vision.


When I first met Brother

When I first met Brother Andrew at an Open Door banquet in the late 1970s, I noticed he was a small man with enormous energy and compassion for the Suffering Church. I wanted to be part of this ministry because of him.

Richard Brooks

Bro. Andrew demonstrated to me

Bro. Andrew demonstrated to me that God can blind the eyes of our enemies for the glory of Jesus. I must also believe and let Jesus without fear use me for his devine purposes. 🙌🙌🙌

Virginia Bryan

Open Doors was the first

Open Doors was the first ministry I ever donated to when I was a teenager back in the 80s. I’ve been a supporter ever since. The story of Brother Andrew’s life and conversion caught my imagination and never let go. God Bless!

Sophie Seegers

I read Brother Andrew when

I read Brother Andrew when I was first a young Christian in Vancouver, BC Canada.

His courage, love, and perseverance were a great witness to me of what we are called to as followers of Christ.

Dear Brother Andrew, I look forward to meeting you in Heaven. May you Rest In Peace.

I’m looking forward to seeing your spectacular crown.

Love in Christ,

Erika 🙏🏾♥️🌹🇨🇦

Erika Koenig-Workman

I accepted God in the

I accepted God in the end of 2006 but I had no idea what it meant to be a Christian. With God’s grace, I was given Brother Andrew’s book Prayer Works as a Christmas gift right after my conversion. Once I started reading the book, I could not put it down. One main point that I got from this book was I had to read the Bible to know God so that I could pray accordingly to make my prayers work. Therefore, I started reading the Bible and praying which have always been my main spiritual practices since 2007. I embarked an amazing journey with God through prayers because of Brother Andrew’s book. Moreover, in view of the threat of ISIS in the middle East in 2014, I initiated prayer meetings for the persecuted church in my church. At present we still have monthly prayer for our suffering brothers and sisters. Though I have never met Brother Andrew, he has great influence on my faith journey. I have mixed feelings to hear the news. I believe Brother Andrew is with Jesus. There must be a crown for him. However, at the same time, I feel that I lost a great mentor, a wonderful teacher.


God used Open Doors ministry

God used Open Doors ministry through brother Andrew as a reminder for me to view my Christian life not only locally, but globally! I have become mindful and now dedicated to praying for missionaries, brothers and sisters, and those who are lost in need of hope in Jesus worldwide. I pray that God continues to bless this world through this ministry, may His will be done, and may He be glorified! May God strengthen and comfort the friends and family of brother Andrew with His eternal Joy!


It was always a dream

It was always a dream of mine to meet Brother Andrew and I look forward to meeting him one day with Jesus.

I was in high school when I read God’s Smuggler—it was given to me by my aunt and uncle. I had always wanted to take the Gospel message to the Middle East, but when I read God’s Smuggler, my heart leapt inside of me. I wanted to do this—I wanted to be used by God in this same way, the way that Andrew was used, to bring the Gospel to the world’s darkest corners through the distribution of Scripture. My heart aches for those who do not have God’s Word. In America, it is a struggle to read one’s Bible every day because we’re complacent. In closed countries, it is a struggle because there is little to no opportunity to read a Bible. God’s Smuggler is such a precious book to me—it is a reminder of the worth of Scripture and the great need for Bibles to be taken to the utmost parts of the earth.

I am thankful for the ministry and life of Brother Andrew and I pray that his life’s sacrifice and work would continue for years to come, through Open Doors and beyond. May we strengthen the Church through the Word of God until Christ returns.


I heard about brother Andrew’s

I heard about brother Andrew’s ministry smuggling bibles behind the Iron Curtain as a new Christian in the mid 70s. I sent money for some bibles and to my surprise I got a letter telling me about who received the Bible’s and an incident that occurred that could have prevented it. I was so impressed and thankful for a man willing to risk everything for others. He was truly an inspiration.


It was through Brother Andrew

It was through Brother Andrew and his organization, Open Doors, that I first heard about the persecuted church, several decades ago. The Holy Spirit used him to compel me to do something about it. I started a ministry of prayer and advocacy for the persecuted church that grew as God blessed it mightily, especially through the encouragement of Open Doors and Brother Andrew. I was so thrilled when someone at Open Doors offered Brother Andrew as a speaker at my church! He was very kind and personable but also a big challenge to us all. I have grown in my faith through his ministry and through the example of the great faith under fire of persecuted believers around the world. May the Lord reward him abundantly!

Patricia Streeter

While we were medical missionaries

While we were medical missionaries in the Middle East, in the 1970s, Brother Andrew visited our hospital compound. Our 2 boys were so excited that “God’s Smuggler” was coming to stay at our home. We remember him as a quiet, personable, and humble man. We feel honored to have met him.

Susan and Ron Pirtle

My first memory of Brother

My first memory of Brother Andrew was when I was 12 years old (1972) my parents bought a comic book for me at a Christian book store titled “God’s Smuggler.” I still have it too. I was fascinated about his prayer at the boarder and the bibles stacked in his little blue VW that the guards never saw. Fast forward to 2005 when I took my first ever mission trip compliments of the Christian Motorcyclists Association that supports Open Doors. I won a trip to Bogota, Columbia. The following year I went on a “courier” trip to China. Between those trips two trips I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Brother Andrew (I will cherish my picture with him now more than ever) at the CMA headquarters in Hatfield, AR where I’ve been a member for over 20 years. I also visited the OD headquarters in Southern CA and met Michelle Miller, who helped me co-ordinate my trip to China. I have been blessed and inspired by Brother Andrew, no doubt. He received a GREAT reward.

JT Sedory

As a new believer I

As a new believer I put Andrew’s book, ‘God’s Smuggler’, in my husband’s luggage when he left on a business trip to Sweden and Germany. The Lord used this book to speak to my husband’s heart and he became a follower of Jesus. This happened in 1972, and my husband remained a strong believer until his promotion in 2017.

Nel Dekker

Brother Andrew’s story was one

Brother Andrew’s story was one of the significant things the Lord used to challenge me to full-time missionary service. He also spoke at a Youth for Christ rally during my high school years, and when he gave an invitation for those committing their lives to full-time Christian service, I went forward confirming my commitment. This year my wife and I have reached 50 years of service with Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL International. The Lord used Brother Andrew in amazing ways over the years. PTL!

Ken Zook

Your book, Gods Smuggler, impacted

Your book, Gods Smuggler, impacted my life! Thank you Brother and Open Doors for giving us the awareness and information to pray for and give to our suffering brothers around the world!

Betty Bryson

I started my own ministry

I started my own ministry here in Florida called VOP (the Voice of the Persecuted) few years ago because of the inspiration of Brother Andrew and because of my own experience of persecution many years ago when I lived in Ethiopia.

I’m working with persecuted Christians in restricted countries and I get more courage from these Christians and I always tell them the story of Brother Andrew.

David Meshesha
Founder VOP Ministry

David Meshesha

I met Brother Andrew when

I met Brother Andrew when on a mission’s trip. We were invited to his home and spent some time talking about the Lord. I felt like I was sitting at the feet of one the apostles. It was a precious time.

Mike Horutz
Retired pastor

Mike Horutz

I read my first book

I read my first book about Brother Andrew as a young adult in the 70’s. I was so encouraged by God’s work through him, and inspired by his faith when he carried Bibles to those who needed them so badly. I frequently remember the story of the border guards being blind to what he carried in plain sight. I’ve frequently prayed for what seemed impossible when remembering that story. God has never failed to work through those situations in response Tony requests with thanksgiving.
May God comfort us all and enable us to carry on His work.

Teri Niewoehner

I was 40, married, busy,

I was 40, married, busy, husband, 2 children, Bible teacher at church and for CEF, but I never believed God answered my prayers so I prayed very little. Then Brother Andrew sent out names of 2 Russian girls, Galina and Irina, imprisoned for their faith. One was a teacher of children, like me. Her crime – teaching the Bible to children.
I prayed and prayed. She lost all her teeth due to the Psych. Meds she was forced to take. Then…. miraculously she was released! My prayers had been answered. From that time on I prayed ” believing prayers”…..and they are answered. Much love to family of dear Brother Andrew.

Joan O'Connor

In 1972 Brother Andrew and

In 1972 Brother Andrew and Corrie ten Boon visited Wycliffe Associates for a few weeks. My husband, Ralph McIntosh, was a staff photographer for WA so spent a lot of time with both of these amazing people. I was pregnant with our 3rd child. We named our son Andrew Christian McIntosh in honor of Bro. Andrew. When Christian turned 18 we were able to take him to one of Andrew’s meetings and introduced the 2 to one another. It was a special occasion. Christian goes by his middle name so he signs his name A. Christian McIntosh. He has always been blessed to be named after Bro. Andrew. We are so blessed by Brother Andrew’s ministry.

Susan McIntosh

Wow, Brother Andrew, a giant

Wow, Brother Andrew, a giant in spreading the Word of God in the most difficult areas of the world. May God raise up many more to do the same !

Damon Brotherton

The first time I have

The first time I have red an article in a Christian Magazine, article was written by Brother Andrew.I have been inspired by his love for the lost, his prayer life, risk taking. I habe red most of his books and had the privilege to see him in person while he visited South Africa.A humble servant of God. Thans to God for his legacy

Hanitra Madagascar


I first read about Brother

I first read about Brother Andrew in the late 70’s as a new Christian. My desire was to go on one of his trips to take bibles into communist countries. That door didnt open for me. But a door to China did and I went in 1987 to smuggle bibles into China in a group of 150. What a life of sacrifice! What a burning light he was.

Janice Ping Roth

Janice Roth

I first read God’s Smuggler

I first read God’s Smuggler while spending two months in a small country called eSwatini, in Africa. That book became my greatest joy, inspiration, and conviction; it declared to me that God exists within the realm of impossible, and that God delights in doing the impossible in an act of love for His children. I had my entire team read the book. When I returned to the US, I began buying multiple copies of the book so that I could give it to fellow brothers and sisters. This past summer, I served with long-term workers reaching the unreached in isolated islands in Indonesia. Currently, a copy of God’s Smuggler is being passed around among the team there. When I move to Korea in the near future to begin my work of serving North Koreans, I will take copies of God’s Smuggler with me. The unanimous response from all who’ve read the book is that it is empowering, challenging, and oh so glorifying to God. Brother Andrew lived a life of powerful faith. He reminded us all that the God we read about in the Bible is the God of today. I am so grateful for his testimony, courage, obedience, and love for the Lord. It has empowered me in submitting fully to God with joy. And, because of this book, I learned of Open Doors and now hope that our paths may one day align down the road. What an incredible organization! The glory of God is with y’all.


I read God’s Smuggler years

I read God’s Smuggler years ago and couldn’t stop talking about it. I learned that when you know God’s will and commit to doing it, you are under His protection. He is a shield, provider and a strong tower. Believing this made me a much bolder Christian. I wish I could have witnessed Brother Andrew’s reception into heaven!

Nancy Canepa

Over 30 years ago, a

Over 30 years ago, a Bible teacher of mine shared about Brother Andrew and Open Doors. I’ve been a monthly giver ever since. Now, almost 60, I see his tribute and think his words lead me to do more. “That’s the excitement in obedience. Finding out later what God had in mind.” May I live like this from now on. Thank you, Brother Andrew, for your beautiful life’s testimony. What a treasure you have been here on earth. We will miss you.

Suzanne Hellmann

Holy God thank You for

Holy God thank You for The Holy Boldness of Brother Andrew. “PRAYER The Real Battle” written by Brother Andrew and Al Janssen,is transforming my Prayer Life.
This booklet and so many more, inspire us to be God’s unrelenting faithful witnesses, Amen.
My sincerest condolences to all left behind, until, we meet again, Amen and Amen.

Barbara Betz

I am 67 now, but

I am 67 now, but when I was in my 20’s I read “God’s Smuggler”.
I could not put it down. Along with the books of Corrie TenBoom
and Elizabeth Elliott, God gave me a deep desire to be very active in my church educating God’s people about specific needs of our missionaries around the world so we could pray for them. Thank you Brother Andrew for the great example of a life totally surrendered to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Carol B Graydon

Met Bro. Andrew about 65

Met Bro. Andrew about 65 years ago In Little Rock,
Ar. His unassuming humility was beautiful to see. His simple words about his work were so revealing and inspiring that one considered it a great privilege to be a part of it. His book, God,s Smuggler changed my life . I became a more committed Christian. Met him again in California at a conference. His message was still compelling and filled with the Holy Spirit. There is no one on earth ,I admire and appreciate more than Bro Andrew. I imagine he was greeted in heaven by a host of people that
are there because of this wonderful, obedient man of GOD. The world is a better place because he lived in it.

Carolyn flemming

He was an amazing living

He was an amazing living testimony for the Lord. Our prayer group always prays for persecuted Christians. May we continue to follow his example. His legacy will live on! 🙏❤🙏

Angela Ng

I personally have never met

I personally have never met brother Andrew. I’ve never traveled outside the United States, but the Lord used brother Andrew an open doors as one of the means to open my eyes to the plight of our brothers and sisters in other countries, to the reality that persecution is real – more real than I could imagine. God has used Pastor Andrew to stir me to pray for the church all over the world. It is easy to spout general prayers but for someone to make us aware of the specifics of what is happening in the nation, that helps to strengthen my prayers to the Lord.


I was a relatively new

I was a relatively new Christian when I listened to Brother Andrew being interviewed (by Pat Robertson, I believe) on CBN. I was “blown away.” I got the book, “God’s Smuggler” and was fascinated by it. I’ve been a partner in prayer and through financial support ever since.

I remember praying for several months for Project Pearl, not knowing what the project was,and then waking up one Sunday morning to the news that 1 million Bibles had been delivered to Chinese believers in China. How amazing our God is!

May all the workers and partners of Open Doors continue to faithfully serve the Lord until He returns.

Ken Reutter

His smile reflected Jesus!

His smile reflected Jesus!

Lowell Fry

God’s Smuggler was a Christmas

God’s Smuggler was a Christmas present from an Uncle when I was 14. Brother Andrew’s passion and love for God and people was a Holy Spirit catalyst to stir my young soul on to joyful service (later, among other ministries, 21 years as an Army Chaplain.) I am intrigued by the little VW bug (and now own a VW bus). The VW was simply the mode of movement, but relationship with God through faith in Jesus is the message. The mode simply moved the message, and the messenger. Thank You Father for giving me Your Son Jesus, and also giving to me the gift of Brother Andrew.

Chuck Rizer

So thankful for Brother Andrew.

So thankful for Brother Andrew. I read his book as a teenager in Trinidad and Tobago. He inspired me to give my all to Jesus in serving God’s purpose. At 53 yrs old now I live with that mindset and have raised my children that way. Thank you Brother Andrew for being Brave for Jesus and reaching others across the globe. What a life well lived.

Ellen Sparks

Bro. Andrew and Open Doors

Bro. Andrew and Open Doors probably were the first to introduce me (as a young adult) to the suffering church and the unreached. That beginning developed into life as an intercessor and a financial supporter of those on the front lines of sharing the Scriptures. At age 76 I am still inspired by his life and ministry.

Kathryn ("Kate") Hendrix

God blessed him with a

God blessed him with a long life to serve Him. Well done, good & faithful servant. Rest peacefully.

Deborah Miller

I had the privilege many

I had the privilege many years ago of meeting Brother Andrew. I do not remember where the meeting was or what he said when he spoke. But I will never forget how gracious he was to me when he autographed his book for me. He must have been tired. It was an evening meeting and the line afterwards was long . many people wanted his autograph.I told him the book was a gift for my husband. He not only asked my husband’s name but asked his occupation and his interests. My husband is with the Lord now but I still cherish the book, the memory and getting to shake the hand of this great man of God.

June Hartloff

I am forever appreciative of

I am forever appreciative of your ttremendous courage and integrity which inspired me to be a faithful and inspired soldier in going along side my Brothers and Sisters in some of the most inhumane countries in the world. Thank you for your obedience which encouraged me to be more open and practice the discipline of gratefuln and integrity. Thank you for letting God use your voice to making known the troubles of other Believers in the persecuted world. I praise God for what He has done in your life. Your kindness has been a declaration of the glory of God

Melodie C Perkins

As a young Christian I

As a young Christian I was invited to a conference where I first heard about Open Doors and Brother Andrew’s story. His book God’s Smuggler opened my eyes to the persecuted Church around the world and the miracles only God could cause so the bible would make it into all of the iron curtain countries. Congratulations Brother Andrew you have finished the race very well. God truly used and blessed you.

Maureen McGuire

I first read God Smuggler

I first read God Smuggler in the 1970s. It gave me such a desire to pray for those less fortunate than me who were denied Bibles and persecuted for their believe in Jesus. I’m grateful to know he has finished his race, well done good and faithful.

Rena Monholland

I read God’s Smuggler in

I read God’s Smuggler in 1970 after having read Mere Christianity. The first gave me the LOGIC I needed. The second gave me the TESTIMONY. I powerfully came to Christ not long after. I first saw Brother Andrew three years later in Sacramento in 1973 and began supporting Open Doors then. I last saw him in the final Open Doors USA prayer conference, but I never MET him. I didn’t think I was worthy of his time.

Paul Hubert

Of course I never met

Of course I never met nor knew Bro Andrew personally. He’s ministry however, was/is such a blessing. It’s caused me to have a heart toward praying for all the translators and their needs all ver the world. Thank you, Bro Andrew, rest in the Presence of our Lord and Savior, God in all His Holiness and the Holy Spirit in His ever presence.

Nan Jackson

So happy he is home

So happy he is home in glory! I encountered Brother Andrew when a friend recommended his book God’s Smuggler to me. I read that book, and it changed my faith. It reminded me of what an amazing God we serve, and what He can do if we trust Him. Thank you for your faith, which has inspired my faith and made it stronger. Enjoy your time in glory, until I can join you there.

Drew Roe

As a child at a

As a child at a Christian camp, I heard one of the counselors start reading GOD’S SMUGGLER to us. I didn’t know what book it was but couldn’t forget the story. It took me years to find the book—had to try picking up and reading in bookstores looking for the story. How amazing his story was! I’ve often talked about it and shared it through the years, still encouraging others to read and see what God did through that one man. PTL for his life and his obedience to God’s instruction!

Robin Brittain

One of the great hero’s

One of the great hero’s of the faith, I remember reading of his smuggling adventures many years ago,
He has always been an inspiration. What a life to celebrate !!

S Beales

Stephen Beales

Oh my! My heart is

Oh my! My heart is sad to loose such a godly man from this troubled earth but not sad for him! He has truly earned his reward. I was introduced to Open Doors newsletter over 30 years ago as a young believer and it served to increase my faith as I read stories of persecuted believers around the world standing firm in their faith in the face of great adversity. I wanted to have that kind of faith myself and committed to pray for them. Also as my children grew up we read God’s Smuggler several times over. My son, Samuel, listened to it on audio tape many, many times and so I know it played a big part in growing his young faith.
May the Lord comfort his family during the days ahead.

Cindy Senor

Dear David, I am so sorry

Dear David,

I am so sorry for the death of Brother Andrew. I know he will be missed worldwide. I’m sure there are celebrations in heaven at his home going. May the Holy Spirit’s comfort touch you and all who loved Brother Andrew!

Love in Jesus Christ,


Robyn Rhoads

From a young age, God

From a young age, God put missions on my heart. My mother gave me the book God’s Smuggler. That book encouraged me in so many ways to step out in faith. My wife and I are now in our first year raising our three boys on the mission field. I am sad to hear of Brother Andrews passing, but I am excited to imagine that homecoming in Heaven right now. God will work through us if we allow it. Brother Andrew is a great example of someone who gave up their life and allowed God to use them for His glory.

Steve Nelson

Open doors is a ministry

Open doors is a ministry that speaks to my heart for the persecuted church. Although I live in such a wonderful area in the US I have been broken hearted at the suffering of so many who suffer because they have chosen to follow Jesus. Many times each day I think about people who don’t have food or water or a home, who can’t go to church in freedom or are imprisoned for their faith.
My simple comment regarding this is a morning shower, and I think there are people who have been denied the basic blessing of good water, while I have that, and a warm shower, laundry facilities, a beautiful kitchen. While I have had many difficult situations that have been long term, God has blessed me and I pray for those in such devastating circumstances as Brother Andrew has shared through his ministry. This Godly man has highlighted the value of God’s goodness. His outreach and sharing of ministering to the persecuted individuals has been eye opening to me. The faithfulness of people who have lost everything to follow Jesus has caused a constant thankfulness in my walk with God. My morning often begins with “Dear God, thank you for the water and for the blessing of this shower.” And asking for those who don’t even have the fresh water for a drink of water and morning coffee. Thank you Open Doors and Brother Andrew.

Marilyn Folz

When a man’s impact for

When a man’s impact for the gospel speaks more eloquently and accurately to who he was than the most passionate oratory you know he loved and lived Jesus in a genuine way.

Thank you Lord Jesus for the gift of this man’s life.

Gayland Carlisle

Bro. Andrew and Open Doors

Bro. Andrew and Open Doors made a lasting impression.

Rachel C Fairley

I only recently got to

I only recently got to know about brother Andrew but his story is truly inspiring for me as a believer.


I really loved his book

I really loved his book “God’s Smuggler,” as it encouraged me to not be afraid to share my faith. I read his book a couple of times and each time I was amazed at his faith in our Lord Jesus, spreading the Gospel. I’m saddened he’s no longer with us, but I’m looking forward to seeing him in gloryland.

Evelyn DeArmond

We praise God for the

We praise God for the life of Bro. Andrew. Learning from others about the missional legacy of Bro. Andrew particularly in the context of OM India and his writings, we acknowledge his contributions and impact in Indian Missions.

His model in the mission of God will continuously remembered in Indian missions and beyond.

India Missions Association,
4 -57 Rampally village post
Hyderabad 501302

Isac Soundararaja, General Secretary, India Missions Association

Many years ago, I attended

Many years ago, I attended a rally in Vets Auditorium in Columbus, OH. At that rally we heard about the persecuted church. Stories of Christian pilgrims all over the world that were being abused, shunned, sometimes imprisoned, or brutally treated because of their faith in Jesus. And Brother Andrew shared his experiences of smuggling Bibles and Christian literature into Communist/Marxist countries. We all were given a tiny barbed wire stick pin to remind us to pray for those brothers and sisters in Christ. I still have that little pin. Thank you Brother Andrew for making this urgent prayer need known to a young Christian in the faith at the time.

Barb Pyle

I never knew or got

I never knew or got to meet Brother Andrew but I thank God for his life and his work through Open Doors which has impacted countless lives all over the world.His reward will be high in heaven, his crown awaits him and may he rest in peace.Till we meet again Brother Andrew in the kingdom of heaven to come , may Open Doors continue his legacy and, his work is amongst many inspiring me to pray for the Persecuted Church , work for the edification of the Church, winning countless souls all over the world to Lord Jesus Christ and spreading the gospel worldwide plus, using my talents to inspire globally to impact countless lives, societies and all nations for the glory of God.

Rest in Peace Brother Andrew

Ruramai Robin Moto(from Zimbabwe Living in Barcelona ,Spain)

Ruramai Robin Moto

As a teenager I remember

As a teenager I remember reading God’s Smuggler, devouring story after story of God’s love, protection and blessing. It has made an impact on my life inspiring me into Christian service where I have recently completed my 17th year as a pastor. I continue to speak and support the persecuted church.
Thank you Brother Andrew.

Dave Sunman

I read Bro Andrew’s book

I read Bro Andrew’s book “God’s Smuggler” in 1971 as a young christian. It challenged me so much to live a life surrendered completely to Jesus. I later read his other book “If that were Christ, will you give him your blanket”. It fired me up more. I have not looked back since.

Thank you Bro Andrew for being an inspiration to me and to many others. You were a gift to the Body of Christ. To Him you have now returned. Hallelujah!

Tony Ogbuigwe

I saw that one we

I saw that one we step out to do God’s bidding, He supernaturally provides the means and protects His will. Making blind eyes see and making seeing eyes blind. Good soil was accomplished in spite of every effort of the enemy conceal the gospel of Christ.

Patricia Harris

I have read “Open Doors”

I have read “Open Doors” for a very long time. I have like the challenges it posed to me as a Christian. I have shared often some of the post I read to challenge follow Christians too. Unfortunately, I have never bordered to find out how it all started. Reading of the demise of Brother Andrew, I have come to understand further who and how “Open Doors” started. Brother Andrew, I am glad you listen to Jesus and planted the mustard seed we are proud of. As you return to our saviour, Jesus Christ, may you have a sound rest after accepting to toil and take risk at the expense of your life. Fare thee well.


Brother Andrew was an inspiration

Brother Andrew was an inspiration to me one of my mentors in the Faith. Daniel Poysti when I was stationed in Germany shared much about Brother Andrews bringing Bible behind the Iron Curtain. I have for years prayer and given money to Open Doors because this ministry is so responsive to the persecuted church.

Robert D. Woodford

When I was a young

When I was a young girl I read God’s Smuggler. I remember feeling very strongly that God wanted me involved in bringing Bibles to unreached and least reached nations. As my life played out I always wondered how God would bring this to pass. When I got older, God led me to develop a public feed on a prayer app to pray for covert Bible operations and specific peoples. I also am an Opens Doors monthly supporter, all because of Brother Andrew. His story inspired me as a young girl, and is still inspiring me in my senior years.

R Vinyard

I was young in my

I was young in my faith and signed on to a mission trip to smuggle Bibles in China. I had not even heard of Brother Andrew yet. As I was preparing for my trip, his book, “The Calling” landed in my hands by a “fluke” and it was exactly what I needed to really prepare for missions. It challenged me and truly changed the way I saw the world, and my responsibility in it as a follower of Christ. It still challenges me today, 20 years later. I have read several of his books and am so very grateful for his influence and teachings in my life. I cannot wait to meet him In Heaven. ❤️

Margie Martin

1972 was the first time

1972 was the first time I have met Brother Andrew, it was in the first YWAM school in Alexandria Egypt. We continued to have contact and in 1982 I joined OD in Cyprus. The last time I met him with Judith my wife and our 3 children was in his home in the Netherlands in the early 2000. The relationship with Andrew impacted my life and widened my vision, until today our ministry in the MENA area and OD are partners. I will not miss Andrew because I do believe that we will have much more time together when I join him one day.
Maged & Judith Rizk

Maged Rizk

The ministry of brother Andrew

The ministry of brother Andrew was a really lifestyle of the Lord Jesus Christ, especially to sacrifice in the distribution of Bibles to dangerous zones.As such it greatly challenged my ministry to Muslim community in sharing the gospel.

As a result of this it enabled me,to work in partnership w with Open Doors in serving the persecuted church in Trauma Healing,we have worked together for twenty years.

Need to imitate his good example

Amoss Mahllangah

You obeyed the voice of

You obeyed the voice of God…and now see how many lives you touched…you finished your work and passed on the baton. For you, there’s no more work left, for me, it has just started. Thank you for living your life to the fullest, expending ALL your energies to strengthen those who are weak…What remains won’t die because you emptied yourself into others so that they may carry on your legacy. From Uganda East Africa, your ministry has touched us in such amazing ways.

Robert Muando

Courage. It was his courage

Courage. It was his courage that really moved me. Courage to set the stage that we may all read miracle after miracle of how God partners with and work through us if we allow Him. His faith stirred in me a sort of “holy envy” which pushed me to pray and ask God about how He wants me to participate in what He is doing among the persecuted brethren.

Armi Martinez

Brother Andrew was a man

Brother Andrew was a man of God. I followed him for quite a whole, I was not well for quite a while but I knew I could do whatever HE wanted me to do (he spoke, I heard and my life was transformed!!!

JoEllen Deasy

I’m greatly saddened to hear

I’m greatly saddened to hear of brother Andrews passing but at the same time happy for him that his race is done and is now with our Lord Yeshua. With out him I would not have known of our brothers and sisters sufferings and triumphs.I have been encouraged and learned much through there example. I am so thankful for the lessons I have learned. And have been encouraged to stay the course, stay faithful and don’t give up!I pray for his family that Yeshua holds them close and sees them through this time of sorrow.I am longing for the day to be with you all in heaven giving thanks and praise to our Lord and Savior!

Sandra Marikle

He inspired me to smuggle

He inspired me to smuggle bibles into Russia in 1974. We did not take many, I hope they were a blessing to someone, but his book inspired me.

Lydia Miller

Brother’s Andrew’s testimony in God’s

Brother’s Andrew’s testimony in God’s Smuggler called me and many others to a life of greater surrender and commitment to Christ. I am very thankful for his impact on me.

Bruce Hempel

I am thankful for Brother

I am thankful for Brother Andrew’s faithfulness wherever and whatever GOD called him!!!!!

Mary Williams

His stories fired up the

His stories fired up the imaginations and courage of an entire generation of Christians still caught in the grip of the East-West Cold War. His prayer, “Lord, you’ve made blind eyes see but please make seeing eyes blind now” gave me great encouragement to trust and believe God completely as I attempted to preach the gospel faithfully in unfavourable circumstances!

Daniel Boey

I have learnt with a

I have learnt with a lot of sadness the demise of Brother Andrew. I came across Open Doors after the persecution of my husband Benjamin Juma in 2012 in Kenya. I had the opportunity of meeting Corry and was looking forward one day to visit Brother Andrew but it was not to be.
I enjoyed his books which really helped grow my faith.

In all, I thank God for this simple but passionate servant and may the seed that he planted continue to flourish and accomplish the purposes of God.

Gladys Juma


I had read God’s Smuggler

I had read God’s Smuggler and knew who Brother Andrew was. But when I got to hear him speak in the 80’s–at Fishnet in W. VA and in a church in the 80s, I was so moved by his stories and have continued to be an advocate and supporter for the persecuted church ever since. It’s been transformational for how I live.

Carrie Whaley

Reading “God’s Smuggler” was an

Reading “God’s Smuggler” was an eye opener. Seeing how bad things were behind the Iron Curtain. Thank you.


I met Brother Andrew a

I met Brother Andrew a few times over the years at the Open Doors Prayer Conference that used to be held annually in Southern California. No other Christian has had the impact upon my life as did Brother Andrew. Although I know he wouldn’t like me feeling this way let alone typing this, but Brother Andrew is my hero. I truly love the man and am thankful for his example. Many years ago, I was in Europe and he even invited me to his home for conversation. I was a stranger to him, but he was willing to meet with me in his home. Until we meet again, rest well Brother.

Jeremy Caldwell

Hearing Andrew’s own story about

Hearing Andrew’s own story about entering this ministry and laboring in love for the family of Christ no matter the cost has encouraged me to want to do the same. His message of relying on God’s strength rather than my own has been helpful, too.


I read “God’s Smuggler” in

I read “God’s Smuggler” in the 1970’s not too long after I was saved. I had never heard of “living by faith” the way he did. It really grew my faith. I have given a copy of the book to young people going on the mission field. I have been a part of Open Doors for a very long time, and so love the work they do. I am so sorry for the loss of Brother Andrew. He will be one I will want to look up in Heaven. Thank you for all your ministry, Brother Andrew! I know you are now seeing our Lord face to face and are safe in His arms. Our loss is heaven’s gain!

Judy Lovins

His book opened my eyes

His book opened my eyes to what the believers were going through behind the Iron Curtain, and his experiences in following the Holy Spirit made me want more.



00I read GOD’S SMUGGLER a number of years ago. What an adventurer for God is Brother Andrew! I hope he left us some of his courage and faith! May his memory be eternal!

Susan Jones

Brother Andrew’s commitment to Jesus,

Brother Andrew’s commitment to Jesus, and His example to put his life on the line for the Gospel, again and again, deepens my resolve for the Lord and inspires me to commit my own life to His cause, as well.

Helen Wilmeth

I remember reading books, and

I remember reading books, and listening to cassette tapes (way back), about Brother Andrew’s activities and encouragement for us to do all we can to help the Suffering Church. He helped to me think about the world as the mission field, and how to live by real faith and see how God can open and close, open and cover, and bring life to the dead. His speaking style and thinking were influential for my growth (I was in my early 20’s when I first started listening). Open Doors has always been a part of life, and it was all do to Brother Andrew. He pointed us to Christ.

Matt Baker

He had such a Spirit

He had such a Spirit filled life. So happy for him. What an inspiration and blessing he was. May his works follow him everywhere.

Charlyn Page

Brother Andrew’s life and work

Brother Andrew’s life and work were strong encouragements to me to live closer to our God and Redeemer, to walk and live by faith in Jesus Christ. The loss is ours to bear and to be thankful for. He is more alive than he ever was on earth now that he is in the presence of his God.

Soo Ai Kudo

Thank you for your faithful

Thank you for your faithful witness.


Brother Andrew has inspired me

Brother Andrew has inspired me by showing his courage, Jesus’s Joy, a life surrendered to Jesus and so many miracles of Jesus blinding the guards not to see the Bible’s and Brother Andrew being at complete Peace. He will be missed, but he is in Glory with His Savior.

Cheryl Clayton

I have led a group

I have led a group of homeschoolers in a group which I dubbed “Lit Circle” in studying the best of literature – and of course, that included Brother Andrew’s “God’s Smuggler.” About 40 kids have read it and studied it with me over the years, and it has had a profound effect on their understanding of God, how He can be trusted, and the adventure of following Him. Brother Andrew’s absence in this world is sorely felt by the younger generation, too.

Jodi Klein

I thank brother Andrew’s examplary

I thank brother Andrew’s examplary life which teaches us to stand with one another in times of persecutions. For the Word of God tells us that United we will stand in this Christian race, but divided we shall fall. May we be imitators of brother Andrew to carry out this mission further, in Jesus Christ Name Amen.
May the soul of Brother Andrew rest in perfect peace with the Lord.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share.

Sister Angelina Effiom

Upon reading the biography of

Upon reading the biography of Brother Andrew, I was emboldened to share the gospel. I now seek to share at least some portion of God’s truth with everyone I meet.

Susan Blake

About 10 years ago the

About 10 years ago the Lord began to stir my heart concerning my brothers and sisters around the world….those who were mistreated because they love Jesus and love His Name. As I became familiar with Brother Andrew and Open Doors, it changed my life. Thought I do not do all I should, my prayer is to pray, give, and speak to others about these brothers and sisters!
May Andrews’s entrance into his ‘true home ‘ be above and beyond !! 🙏

Betsy Kopecky

Brother Andrew’s passion and commitment

Brother Andrew’s passion and commitment for lost souls in persecuted countries touched my heart . I am a regular donor for his ministry “ Open Doors “, We miss him.

Leela Joseph

Upon becoming a Christian, I

Upon becoming a Christian, I was given a book called Gods Smuggler. This amazing story of Brother Andrews life and fearless devotion to Jesus helped me become more involved in sharing my faith and helping others grow closer to our Lord. Thank you Brother Andrew for being such a wonderful example for us on how to trust and follow Jesus.

Loyd McCollum

I met Brother Andrew in

I met Brother Andrew in a prayer meeting in Bethlehem with several local Palestinian pastors. He was encouraging them to “dream big and challenge God with their faith” — a tall order in their circumstances. That exhortation became a life motto for me. Later I had the privilege of bringing Bibles into Gaza with him and hearing him preach to a small Palestinian Baptist congregation — “no man cares for my soul.” As I waded through a sea of workers on my return through Eretz where they were coming back weary and dirty from a hard days work in Israel — I was free to go back to my safe and much easier life on the West Bank. Those words still resonate for me. I often hear his words prodding me to deeper faith and service. He fought the good fight better than anyone I know, bigger, bolder and without fear. I have never been the same since spending time with him and consider knowing him one of the greatest privileges of my life. Well done!

Sue Prettyman

With sadness and great joy,

With sadness and great joy, I thank the Lord for Brother Andrew and his faithful example of sharing Jesus Christ in words and in action. I was first introduced to him by my late father, when he read the book “Brother Andrew” I was challenged to dedicate my life to the Lord as a result. Thank You Jesus for Brother Andrew and Open Doors, the ministry carries on.

Elma Janzen

As young theology students years

As young theology students years ago in the Netherlands, Brother Andrew spoke at our commencement and laid hands of prayer on our heads. I remember how sweetly he read from “Father’s book”… grateful for his life and legacy and his unforgettable-ness….

Kathy Spaargaren

I read Brother Andrew’s book

I read Brother Andrew’s book and a book by Harlan Popov, a persecuted Bulgarian pastor, and prayed about smuggling Bibles myself. I ended up moving to Europe and for four years I smuggled part-time. Sometimes with friends but mostly alone. Yes, I was caught but never endangered the local brethren. I was very happy to hear him speak at a church in Europe.

Daughter of God

Andrewwax “Onne” to me &

Andrewwax “Onne” to me & I heard him in the youth church in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, how Gideon destroyed his dad’s idol during the night! I had then the courage to destroy thàt night the ouya board & cross- wood where by séances were held in our home! In 1956 I was privileged to travel in his beetle, to Austria, to help in a refugee camp nr.Klagenfurt, together with other teenagers & experienced how Andrew had a great burden for others who suffered & saw how courageous he was humanly, but our Lord made it super courageous (spiritually)! We, as a family, have always supported Open doors & will leave a legacy, when we go to be with our Father! living in France, we’re in contact with Portes Ouvertes & we bless Andrews family for comfort & joy during this time! May all of you also experience this as you’ll miss our brother! Love to you all in Jesus!

Iris Morris, née Ripassa

El hermano Andrés fue, es,

El hermano Andrés fue, es, y seguirá siendo, una gran inspiración para mí. Un ejemplo vivo de lo que Dios puede hacer a través de un hijo suyo que está dispuesto a ser usado por Él en el avance de su Reino. Sé que fue Dios permitió que el libro “El contrabandista de Dios”, llegara hasta mí, después de que mi abuela, y luego mi mamá, lo hayan leído. Y hoy me gozo en ver que el hermano Andrés sirvió a Dios en su generación, y dejó un legado que durará por muchas generaciones más. Gloria al Señor por su vida!


I was in the middle

I was in the middle of reading God Smuggler when my husband and I were preparing to travel to Colombia from the USA to finalize the adoption of our two youngest daughters in 2020. I had just been processing the idea of walking in obedience to God in the face of laws and regulations. We had to get Covid tests prior to our scheduled flights and my husband, although showing almost no symptoms, tested positive while I tested negative. We waited 10 days past his minor symptoms and exposure and tested again. He was still positive and I was still negative. A doctor clarified that he could easily test positive for up to 3 months. We had been told by our agency and the team waiting with our girls in Colombia to “just come” and quarantine there, if needed. The airlines, on the other hand, had policies in place that no one could travel if he/she had tested positive in the past 14 days. In order to keep this brief, I will just say that as a result of reading God Smuggler, my husband and I decided to pray, call the airline to see if there was any room for a doctor’s explanation, and move forward with the adoption that God had so clearly orchestrated for our family, even in the midst of Covid. We were told that he absolutely had to have a negative Covid test before traveling, and so we moved forward with incredible prayer and faith that God would open doors. He did so in miraculous ways, some of which we never even realized until our return trip from Colombia 3 weeks later! There were documents we “should” have filled out before entering Colombia that we never knew about and they were never requested when we landed in Bogotá. On our return trip, we needed them three times before we got on our plane in the same airport! We are grateful for the example of Brother Andrew and his faith and willingness to simply walk in obedience and allow God to do His work!

Lena Hartzler

Although I relatively new to

Although I relatively new to the ministry of Open Doors, truly truly was spiritually impressed by the online devotionals of Brother Andrew. He inspired me to be a more effective witness to the gospel and to grow in faith and God’s Holy Word.

I pray with all those are grieving the passing of our dear brother in Chist. May the Lord give them comfort and peace.

In His Love,

Peter Jensen

Peter A. Jensen

I read God’s Smuggler in

I read God’s Smuggler in nursing school and became a supporter of Open Doors in 1981, Was blessed to meet Bro. Andrew on my first courier trip to China in 1985 and saw him many times after that at conferences. At one donor dinner in Atlanta I gave an offering and received in return a handmade wall hanging created by an elderly Dutch supporter that depicted the Rapture of the Church. Bro. Andrew approached me afterwards and said that that particular wall hanging had been in his personal office for years. It was bathed in prayer. It has been one of my most treasured possessions.

I am saddened to hear of his passing, but we all know what an abundant entrance he received in heaven today. He always spoke of praying for the persecutors as well as the persecuted and to pray for dreams and visions to those in restricted countries. I do that frequently.

Until we meet again, Bro. Andrew, welcome HOME!!

Candy Carmichael

Brother Andrew impacted my faith

Brother Andrew impacted my faith greatly! I discovered the persecuted church 15 years ago when I got born again. I fell in love with my brethern and became a supporter of OD, ICC & VOM as well. Ive read Gods Smuggler 2x, finishing it again 3 weeks ago! Ive always wanted to do something great for God, to just be martyred for Him, & thru my walk, God showed me Im here in the USA by His Hand, and there are other forms of martyrdom, that I even struggled with that, such as forgiveness and dying to my self. His book & ministry has enriched my faith & deepened my walk with Jesus Christ to another level. Eph 3:14-21 came alive to me because of the persecuted church. Brother Andrew is more alive now then he ever was here. If it isnt worth dying for, it isnt worth living for. Well done faithful servant. Til we meet, your sister Lisa

Lisa J Bollinger

I heard of OPEN DOORS

I heard of OPEN DOORS through a friend who worked there – distributing a million bibles to China in the 1980s through RONALD PARAS . We were always enamored with his stories and his work through OPEN DOORS.

40 years later God had urged me to give back to the missions and the first organization I thought of was OPEN DOORS knowing the work that you guys do for the persecuted church.

Being involved through monthly support and praying using the prayer app I praise God for being a small part of this organization – knowing that I too am sharing in building God’s kingdom through the legacy of Brother Andrew.


In 1972, I served with

In 1972, I served with YWAM in Munich, Germany during the Olympics and Brother Andrew was one of the guest speakers at our training sessions. He instructed us in how to share Jesus with others and how to give Bibles to visitors from the Soviet Union. I had the privilege to share with some reporters from Yugoslavia who said they would meet me the next evening and take a Bible if I could sing the song in the back of the Bible – in Russian. I had studied Russian before my trip and was able to read it even though I was unable to converse. The song was How Great Thou Art and the next evening, I sang it to them in Russian and they took the Bible. I have often thought about that experience knowing God had used Brother Andrew to challenge my courage in sharing Jesus with this group. It has always been my prayer that they read the Bible and came to faith.

Jeanine Bartelt

I don’t have a great

I don’t have a great message, just that one time, when I was in my grandma’s basement, I found this little old book called “God’s Smuggler” and I asked if I could read it. She told me I could have it and, once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I loved the secret-agent-like story of Brother Andrew and how God used him and interacted with him along the way to get Bibles to those in Communist countries. From there, I bought more of his books and watched how God led him from the Communist countries to those impacted by Islam and Sharia Law. It amazed me how he met with leaders like Yasser Arafat. Deep down, I really want to be like Brother Andrew as far as his faith and interactions with our Lord Jesus. I am very grateful to our Lord to see a modern man live a life like those who are in recorded in the Scriptures. I think it gives everyone who hears about his life, hope that we too can interact with Jesus while doing what God wants. I don’t know how to describe how Brother Andrew has affected me, but I just thank the Lord and thank Brother Andrew for being a great witness (part of the “cloud”).

I have both given money

I have both given money and prayed for the work of Brother Andrew. I thank God for his example of courage in the face of danger.

Helen Diane Little

Brother Andrew was one of

Brother Andrew was one of the only living men I chose (from afar) as a mentor. His life of full obedience and trust in God has, and will continue to be a shining example of what a life fully given over to Christ can look like. I loved you like a brother, so can’t help but feel heartbroken yet so very happy for you – meeting Jesus and the sweet reunions you are experiencing now. Thank you for sharing your life with us, and for showing us how to have a humble, and obedient heart. See you soon.

Mitchell Mote

When I was a teenage

When I was a teenage girl 48 years ago I read the book God’s Smuggler. It impacted my life! Thank you Brother Andrew! I can’t imagine what he heard as he bowed at the feet of Jesus! Well done thou good and faithful servant!

Beth Foreman

I always loved the VW

I always loved the VW bug story as he crossed the border. I think of it often. God is amazing at how He works things out. Such a faith-building experience.


I knew of Brother Andrew

I knew of Brother Andrew through the book on his life that I read in high school so many years ago. It is a very profound part of my life.
To learn of someone so dedicated to Christ to risk his life reaching out to those behind the Iron Curtain with the Good News. I heard many people complain about the Iron Curtain but Brother Andrew was actually doing something about it.
It was also profound as was someone living out life life much like the followers of Christ in the New Testament. Not just studying it, but living it.

Allen Rhoades

As a frontline partner I

As a frontline partner I stand with Open Doors and everything that you have done and continue to do to bring the word of God to people throughout the world. Thank you Brother Andrew for having the selfless conviction and courage to begin this wonderful organization that I have been supporting for many years. May you rest in eternal peace thy good and faithful servant.

Stephen Kreischer

God used Brother Andrew’s life

God used Brother Andrew’s life and reports of various people in Russia to strengthen my faith. I began reading about the life of Believers in Russia in the late 1970’s and all through the 1980’s. God prepared me to be ready to go there when He opened a door for me to do that starting in 1995. To this day, I am grateful for his Prisoner Bulletins.

Janyne Johnston

Hi, I read brother Andrew’s

I read brother Andrew’s book “God’s Smuggler”, in 1974, when I was going to college. And from reading it, God touched my heart to what Brother Andrew was doing for the Lord, to His calling me into the missionary field. From reading the book, I wanted to be doing what Brother Andrew did…taking the Word… into Eastern Europe,…
And in 1985, God on my first mission trip, did just that,…going to Europe, training in…and then leading me and 2 others into East Germany, in taking the Word and His lit. to those in need of His Word…As you can imagine, I was elated (on cloud 9), being used by God for that special assignment (mission trip). It made it more meaningful to me, in the respect that I am half German. I remember that trip as if it had just happened yesterday.

michael weber

Brother Andrew’s commitment to the

Brother Andrew’s commitment to the persecuted church has enlightened and deepened my awareness and insight into the sojourn of our persecuted brothers and sisters in in Christ.
The stories shared through social media and the Open Doors App provide a more intimate connection to these blessed saints along with the privilege to pray for them by intercession.
Brother Andrew will remain a mentor to me and one day in Glory we shall meet, Amen 🙏

Leslie Layman

Well done good and faithful

Well done good and faithful servant!

Bryan Revor

I was just a teenager

I was just a teenager when I read “God’s Smuggler”…and had my life touched in a way I have never forgotten. I remember lines from the book from 50+ years ago…about making seeing eyes blind and so many others. I will never forget the penny and the “royal way” and it has guided many of my choices thru the years. I now support Open Doors monthly and always will. His Story lives on in the people his life and ministry touched. He will be greatly missed but I feel so blessed to have “stumbled upon” his book all those years ago. May God continue to bless Open Doors and keep Brother Andrews courage, trust and love for God and people alive in our hearts.

Carolyn Nye

Even though i cannot remember

Even though i cannot remember how i heard about Open Doors and Brother Andrew, whenever that took place a long time ago, i was so impacted to hear how someone was so devoted to his Savior that he would literally give his life to get GOD’S Word to countries that kill Christians for being believers in Jesus. It was also clear that Almighty GOD was protecting and providing for Brother Andrew and those working with him as they did GOD’S work. i have supported Open Doors monetarily as i can, but i support this great work with prayer daily. As we all know, prayer is much more powerful and effective than any amount of money that anyone could give. May GOD’S work continue with fervor as this world is on the road to destruction due to the evil that is running rampant in this age. Thanks be to YAHWEH and our LORD JESUS for Brother Andrew’s servant life while on this earth. i look forward to meeting Brother Andrew in Heaven!


When I first learned of

When I first learned of Open Doors and Brother Andrew, Holy Spirit ignited my spirit to engage with God in that way, at that level of commitment, however I could from my then situation. I got on the mailing list and prayed and gave money… when requests came out to send postcards to fellow believers in prison for their faith, I participated. These activities changed me. They alerted me to the reality of suffering for our faith and the world of the lost. My life has been marked and shaped by these realities as I’ve made lifestyle and career choices with this internal fire “opening doors” for my participation in the Great Commission”. Brother Andrew never ceased to be a high standard by his views and choices. May this be said of us all who have received his legacy.

Mary chico

I remember hearing him speak

I remember hearing him speak on radio and TV and appreciated his spirit so much!

May his example inspire others!

Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson

Brother Andrew had an effect

Brother Andrew had an effect on my life, in a round about way. When I was a new Christan my friends gave my first braille Bible. At that time that were hard to come by, and hearing about Brother Andrew, I felt right at home with his mission. I knew what it was like not to have a Bible, and think of Christans who may have lost their sight etc. because of their fait faith. I wish that something could be done about thish.

Timothy Burdick

Thanks for showing the way

Thanks for showing the way Brother Andrew, without Open Doors Ministry, I couldn’t know that some of us in this world have no access to the word of God.
May your Soul rest in eternal peace.


Brother Andrew was used by

Brother Andrew was used by God to lead me to salvation in 1974. I was a senior in high school at the time. A friend had been answering my questions about God because I was an atheist but had been seeking answers about the purpose for living. He invited me to see Brother Andrews’ presentation at First Baptist Church Atlanta (Charles Stanley’s church at the time). I remember a slide presentation about the persecuted church in Russia and how they would have to meet in the forest to escape persecution and how many of them would lose their jobs or even be sent to an insane asylum. I realized that if they would endure that for their faith then maybe there was something to Christianity after all.

To make a long story short (much longer), I prayed a heartfelt prayer that night asking God to change me if He was real. I woke up the next morning a changed man.

Rick Hale

I first read God’s Smuggler

I first read God’s Smuggler as a teenager, and it taught me that not only do we talk to God, but God talks back. Immense gratitude for that blessing.

Jenny Hill

I was 4 or 5yrs

I was 4 or 5yrs old. It was the early 1970’s. My American parents, myself, brother and sister were in Holland, preparing for another ‘tourist trip’ behind the Iron Curtain’. In the back of a large box truck I heard, “Brother Andrew is coming! Brother Andrew is coming!” The door opened, he jumped in, door closed and we immediately began driving. While the grown-ups spoke about where, when, and how the Lord would direct us next, I sat amazed. In my little world, I thought, “Wow, this is Andrew, one of Jesus disciples. He actually walked with Jesus. He actually saw Jesus crucified and risen again. I’m in the presence of someone who actually touched Jesus!” It wasn’t until years later I realized my thinking was a bit mixed up. However, I’m confident Brother Andrew was one of Jesus’ dusciples, walked with Him, and knew Jesus as crucified and risen. My parents took our family behind the Iron Curtain for years, with many memories of God’s protection and amazing people who defied authorities to honor the ultimate Author and Finisher of our faith. My brother and I eventually found ourselves in Russsia, China, and other more secretive countries, taking Bibles when we were in our high school and college years. Brother Andrew was a huge inspiration and forever effected not only my family, but the Kingdom of God around the globe.

Shaun Wilson

Through brother Andrews life, my

Through brother Andrews life, my eyes were open to a lost and hurting world. My eyes were also opened to the persecuted church, which as a young Christian I had not yet been introduced too. I loved reading the biographies of brother Andrew. His stories inspired me to believe, to trust God has all power over the enemy. Story upon story of the Lord blinding the eyes of the enemy so that his precious word could be carried to hungry and lost souls. I have shared his book with my older grandchildren. I pray they too will be inspired to take the the word With them everywhere they go. I look forward to meeting brother Andrew in Heaven. Heaven is richer today because this precious saint has entered in into the glory of the Lord.
He is hearing those words “well done good and faithful servant enter into the joy of the Lord”

Cindy Blackman

By God’s marvelous grace, I

By God’s marvelous grace, I was brought to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, in the year 1976. Shortly thereafter, the Lord made me aware of Brother Andrew’s ministry and I read his story his book “God’s Smuggler”. My wife and I have been prayerful and giving supporters of the ministry for over 40 years. We were thrilled to have played a small part, in prayer, in the Project Pearl mission of 1981. We were thrilled last year to learn more about all the prayer and planning to went into this mission.

I am sure that our Lord Jesus, stood up, when Brother Andrew was brought into His glorious presence, and that our Lord spoke these words in a loud and thunderous voice, “Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord.”

Amen and Amen

William A Beck

My name is Diana Martinez

My name is Diana Martinez I read the book God smuggler and it has increased my faith, his example of a true follower of Christ is hard to follow but he had a lot of faith that anyone can shine the light of Jesus Christ in the darkest places.


The impact of a man

The impact of a man I never met – Brother Andrew van der Bijl 1928-2022

I couldn’t have been more than 10 years old when I read the comic book version of “God’s Smuggler” the first, of a great many times. The inspiring stories of faith of a young Dutchman who grew in his walk with Christ as he began sneaking Bibles behind the Iron Curtain of Communist Europe and then Asia, nurtured the faith I am so grateful for today. To say he was my hero, doesn’t even begin to touch the value I place on his life, ministry, consistency and witness.

The chapter “The Game of the Royal Way” was burned in my young memory and has been repeated over the past 40 years to just about every class I’ve taught, to every Christian disciple or anyone else who needed to hear of the miraculous power of the Lord our God.

I still openly laugh at the audacious way God morved, when I recount one of Andrew’s stories of God’s power in opening doors, borders, and hearts. From blinding eyes that can see to get Bibles through, or keeping guard house doors shut by a sudden wind, to the passing boxes of Bibles opening in a sudden pouring rain storm in the middle of Red Square, God displayed his power in Andrew’s work and life. And my life has never been the same.

As I write this I openly weep for the loss of one I count so very dear and the memories of a faith that continues to encourage and challenge me even today. And those memories convict me of the call God has placed on each of us, now that great crowd of witnesses above has been increased by one such loved example. Let us not shrink back out of fear, but press on in faith, Like Andrew.

The love story of he and Corrie’s courtship and her willingness to follow where God directed them was a key trait I looked for (and found) in my spouse. Their examples framed a godly ideal that God still is able to give us today. Thank you to Corrie and the family for sharing this great godly man with us and our lost world. So much less lost because of him and you. May God comfort them and remember His promise to be near to the broken hearted.

I challenge you, my dear friends and family, if you have not read God’s Smuggler, do your spiritual walk a great favor and do so. But more importantly, do not hesitate to trust our Savior and put your faith in him for a life of great adventure. Like Andrew and Corrie, we don’t know where the road will take us (literally or figuratively) but, let us go there together to carry the Gospel and trust that He will lead the way.

Mark Jordan
Newport News, Virginia, USA

Mark Jordan

I read his book God’s

I read his book God’s Smuggler two times and each time it brought new resolve to my faith. He trusted in the Lord and worked tirelessly for Him. He loved Muslims and challenged me when he went in to a prominent ISIS leader and preached the gospel. The fearlessness and love of this man is something I want to emulate. I have developed a heart for the persecuted church and compassion for the lost.I pray that God uses Brother Andrew’s teaching and example to continue His kingdom.


Everything he said was an

Everything he said was an inspiration. One story i remember is the story of his conversion when they sang the song “let my people go”. I still listen to his preaching on youtube he did with YWAM on Gideon. Him and the brother Richard Wurmbrand have thought me so much more than any sermons i have heard which is unity within the body Catholic protestant Orthodox and the in betweens. We don’t all know everything but what we do know may it be used to strengthen each other and not tear other apart like dogs. God bless you all brothers and sisters whoever is reading this. Hope to see you as we meet the Lord Jesus in the air along with our brother Andrew.

Jonathan Vega

I read a report he

I read a report he passed in 2012! He influenced my life in many ways. I heard him speak many times. He said, “Jesus said go! Nothing about coming back”!! He never asked for money, just sent a monthly newsletter with needs and asked for prayer, not money! I was a blessing to be a part of ministry to the persecuted church and to meet him in 1973 after being detained for sharing the Gospel in the former Soviet Union.

Franklin M Candlish

After the reading the book

After the reading the book about his life and smuggling Bibles in the countries, I was inspired to be a parent assessor for others and ministry missions and also to take several short-term mission trips. And above all to live a life of surrender to Jesus for tonight yourself take up your cross and follow him. Thank you so much for your ministry and I have the prayer app to inspire me see you on the other side of the kingdom of God


I started with Open Doors

I started with Open Doors USA as one of the first, if not the first employees.

My time spent their changed my life dramatically. As the Southwest US Representative, I had the privilege of telling of Andrew’s exploits, as some of my own from Eastern Europe, Cuba, and The Peoples Republic of China.

On one of those occasions after taking Bibles into Romania, with some going to Russia, it was my birthday as I got back to the Netherlands; so I was able to celebrate in Andrew and Corrie’s home.

Even after these many years, I am asked often to share my testimony, including those incredible years.

Jim Baker

Bro Andrew spoke in my

Bro Andrew spoke in my YWAM school in 1972. He said, “Most Christians are ‘too Christian’ to enjoy their sin but there is too much sin in their lives to enjoy being a Christian.” Wow! That was just like him – witty but pierced your heart. Grateful, Bro Andrew, for all you did to challenge we YWAMers over and over. God’s Smuggler challenged me before we met, and you were always the same humble man…even when you challenged our faith. That was a great day in Hawaii taking you and your family around the Big Island! Welcome home!

TPaul Hawkins

I met Bro. Andrew in

I met Bro. Andrew in 1975 in a Women’s Missionary Meeting in West Berlin, Germany when the Berlin Wall was still up. He spoke to us about the spiritual needs of those behind the Berlin Wall and how we could make a difference. Through his beautiful & loving heart for the persecuted church I(at the tender age of 20) gained an understanding and a heart for my persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ as well. I am forever grateful that God placed Bro. Andrew in my life!

Judy Chesser

Brother Andr ew showed how

Brother Andr ew showed how to press on in the fight fot deliverance from darkness to light in the Lord!

Alan Dennis

I am grateful to the

I am grateful to the LORD for Brother Andrew listening to Him to found Open Doors. It opened my eyes to the persecution of our brothers and sisters around the world. I spoke about Open Doors during a presentation in one of my college classes. Most knew nothing about the persecution of Christians. I am grateful for all of the work that the organization has been able and continues to do. I pray for comfort and send my condolences to his family.

Melisa Eslinger

At the age of Sixteen

At the age of Sixteen I read God’s Smuggler to china. I was encouraged by his fearless approach in reaching the persecuted church with the word that gives light in darkness and life to the death souls. His faith in believing in God’s provision when the need arises has taught me that God always provide for his work and blind the eyes that will oppose his work. Thank you brother Andrew for giving selflessly for your brothers and sisters worldwide. See you on the resurrection morning.

Melissa DJ Yakubu

I remember having Brother Andrew

I remember having Brother Andrew in my home. I was so impressed by his strength, humility, vision and humor. I so enjoyed sharing a cup of coffee with him on my front porch. It was a treat to spend this time with him learning about his life. It is a memory I will always cherish. I am so grateful for this man. Through his life, God used Andrew to change my life. You completed the race my friend. Enjoy your well deserved reward. I will see you soon, not too soon, but soon. Love- Jim


(bumped enter accidentally)… Many of us

(bumped enter accidentally)…

Many of us know the words of the Bible are alive and powerful – God Himself backs them up. This, I can only reason, must be the fear behind persecution.

Brother Andrew, through “God’s Smuggler” – my first book read as a new creation in Christ – opened my eyes and heart to a closed world even as God closed the eyes of those checking his vehicle.

May hearts be opened.

And if they are not, may eyes be closed.

Rest easy, Brother Andrew. And thank you.

Suzanne Schomisch

I celebrate with you all

I celebrate with you all Brother Andrew’s life and ministry. I read “God’s Smuggler” over 40 years ago and it opened a passion in my heart of prayer and ministry to our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ that is still strong today. To God be the Glory!

Georgianna Mrsny

It is incredible and a

It is incredible and a vibrant, brilliant display of the sovereignty of God in how this man’s obedience and Spirit-led passion impacted me well over 60 years after he first dove into that work of Revelation 3:2. Hebrews 13:3 has always weighed heavily on my heart, and through Open Doors and what Brother Andrew started, I have received tangible ways to know the stories of so many of our brothers and sisters and to pray for them by name. I have received numerous opportunities to send messages of encouragement, using the gift of the Spirit that the Lord has given me, simply because Open Doors has consistently offered so many opportunities. I have been able to send aid to brothers and sisters in ways that would simply not be possible without Brother Andrew!

Dylan Johnson

I heard Brother Andrew speak

I heard Brother Andrew speak at Houston’s First Baptist Church probably 40 years ago. He told a story about going into an Iron Curtain country with a car full of Bibles and being stopped and searched. He prayed “Lord who made blind eyes to see, now make seeing eyes blind.” After the search the border guards told him they did not find anything and sent him on his way to equip believers in that country. I am a Bible teacher and I have told that story many times in front of my various classes. It is a reminder that God still performs miracles when we have the faith and courage to act on His behalf.

Bill Wright

His story and message are

His story and message are so powerful. It’s a reminder for me, today, to continue to pray big prayers, take risks and live a life of humble obedience.


Brother Andrew, thank you for

Brother Andrew, thank you for exemplary service to The Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Brian Regan

The first book I read

The first book I read after becoming a Christian in college was Brother Andrew’s “God’s Smuggler”. I was stunned that this was a need in my generation, that there was a man like this in my world. It changed my life and life’s purpose. I am strangely still stunned that Brother Andrew only recently passed away. It seems the terror of man toward God’s Word should have dissipated where persecution is a thing of the past. And yet, it is all the more potent. If the Bible were just a book of words, where would be the worry? But Brother Andrew knew, as do so many of us, that the

Suzanne Schomisch

I remember when I was

I remember when I was 13 years old I had the opportunity to read brother Andrew’s great story about how he started introducing bibles in those communist countries, since that moment I accepted Christ in my heart.

It’s been 53 years following Jesus and counting, God bless our brother’s family and church.

Alicia Ornelas Vargas

As a brand-new follower of

As a brand-new follower of Jesus in 1974, my discipler mentioned how challenging was the book, “God’s Smuggler”. So I bought and read it, and was challenged and inspired to see how the Living God worked for him and through him. The book also impressed upon me the very deep importance of having the Word of God, and of providing it to those for whom it is scarce or non-existent. This was all part of my early growth as a new follower of Jesus.


We believe Brother Andrew did

We believe Brother Andrew did this because he was touched by the love of God. God carried out a miracle through him in smuggling one million Bibles into China. But we know there is no one-man show in God’s family. The great task couldn’t be accomplished by Brother Andrew alone. There must be many, many Brother Andrews – big ones, small ones – who unitedly take up the burden. Here we give our thanks to all the “big” Andrews and “small” Andrews. May the Lord remember what you’ve done.

A House Church Pastor in China

Brother Andrew will always be

Brother Andrew will always be a hero of the faith for me. From the first time I saw him on television in the 1970s to my last visit to his office in the Netherlands, he remained the same humble, funny, prayerful, radical model of simple obedience to the Master. How could he have known that his willingness to travel behind the Iron Curtain in 1955 would change so many lives, including my own? It’s a lesson to us all: Follow Jesus. Be faithful. He will build His church, even in the most difficult areas, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. And we have the privilege of partnering with Him in it all. Thanks for showing the way, Brother Andrew.

Jeff Taylor